Evony: Pyramid Ruins

The Treasure Hunt event in Evony: The King’s Return invites you to explore Pyramid Ruins to collect treasure, however, they are transformed into points.

Evony: The King’s Return is a well renowned mobile game that invites gamers to take on the role of a lady or a lord in medieval times. The objective of the game is to build an empire while defeating enemies and recruiting troops.

The game is based on the classic video game, Evony, so you are likely to experience similar mechanics and gameplay in both versions. It offers players activities and occasional events to enjoy.

That being said, some features may be locked initially, but you can access them once you have met the necessary requirements. The game’s developer, Evony, recently introduced a new event called the Treasure Hunt and it revolves around the Pyramid Ruins.

In-game events

The King’s Return currently has more than 5 in-game events, which are limited time events in which you have to complete specific tasks to earn rewards. The rewards for completing tasks are generally quite desirable and rare, so as to motivate you to participate in events.

Players can find the events by clicking on the Event Center icon, situated on the right side of the main menu. In this menu, you can explore the active events to see which tasks you must complete to earn rewards. Players can also view the upcoming events and their tasks in the Event Center menu.

Evony: Pyramid Ruins

Apparently, the game’s developer occasionally introduces new activities, events and features to keep players interested and engaged. They recently introduced the Treasure Hunt activity, which invites players to explore ancient relics to earn rich rewards.

Evony: Pyramid Ruins
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The in-game description reveals that an adventure team discovered an ancient Egyptian pyramid with buried funerary objects and pharaoh’s treasure. In this event, you can explore the Pyramid Ruins on the world map to earn pharaoh’s treasures.

Pyramid Ruins will refresh on the world map while the event is active. You stand a chance to get pharaoh’s treasure by sending troops to explore Pyramid Ruins, though they will automatically be converted into event scores.

The higher the level of the Pyramid Ruins, the higher level treasures and scores you will earn. You can use Pharaoh’s Treasure Map to get Coordinates of a Pyramid, but it is crucial to note that the ruins disappear when the event ends.

You can send troops to the same ruin once you have located one. Each player can only send one troop type to each Pyramid Ruin simultaneously. However, Alliance members can also explore a ruin, as they also stand a chance to earn pharaoh’s treasures.

There are a limited number of Alliance members that can explore a Pyramid Ruin simultaneously. Keep in mind that you can be attacked by other Alliances while exploring a Ruin.

Players earn rewards once the Alliance Scores and Monarch Scores reach a specific score and ranking respectively.

Evony: Pyramid Ruins
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Since you can participate in the event as a solo player, or with your Alliance, you can earn 2 reward types – solo rewards and Alliance rewards, but you have to be in the top 10 rankings to earn rewards.

The higher your rank is, the more rewards you earn. Some of the rewards you can earn according to the ranks are:

Monarch Ranking Rewards
  • Twilight
  • 300 000 Gems
  • 200 000 Alliance Honour
  • 200 000 Alliance Points
  • 400 Senior Resources Chest
  • 800 1-hour Speedup for Training
  • 800 1-hour Speedup for Healing
  • 200 Dragon Source Fragments
  • 250 Tactical Scrolls
  • 100 Treasure Chests
  • Twilight
  • 210 000 Gems
  • 175 000 Alliance Honour
  • 175 000 Alliance Points
  • 350 Senior Resources Chests
  • 500 1-hour Speedup for Training
  • 500 1-hour Speedup for Healing
  • 180 Dragon Source Fragments
  • 200 Tactic Scrolls
  • 90 Treasure Boxes
  • Twilight
  • 160 000 Gems
  • 150 Alliance Points
  • 150 Alliance Honour
  • 300 Senior Resources Chests
  • 300 1-hour Speedup for Training
  • 300 1-hour Speedup for Healing
  • 160 Dragon Source Fragments
  • 160 Tactic Scrolls
  • 80 Treasure Boxes

Alliance ranking rewards

The Alliance rewards you earn during the Treasure Hunt event are determined by the quantity of points your Alliance accumulated. The table below lists the rewards you receive if your Alliance is in the top 3.

Alliance ranking Rewards
  • 2000 Gems
  • 2000 Alliance Points
  • 200 Alliance Honour
  • 40 Medium Resources Chests
  • 100 1-hour Speedup for Construction and Research
  • 50 Dragon Source Fragments
  • 100 Tactical Scroll
  • 20 Treasure Boxes
  • 1500 Gems
  • 1500 Alliance Honour
  • 1500 Alliance Points
  • 30 Medium Resource Chests
  • 80 1-hour Speedup for Construction and Research
  • 45 Dragon Source Fragments
  • 95 Tactic Scrolls
  • 18 Treasure Boxes
  • 1000 Gems
  • 1000 Alliance Honor
  • 1000 Alliance Points
  • 20 Medium Resource Chests
  • 75 1-hour Speedups for construction and research
  • 40 Dragon Source Fragments
  • 90 Tactic Scroll
  • 16 Treasure Boxes

Score rewards

There is a possibility that neither you nor your Evony Alliance will complete the event in the top rankings. That does not mean that you do not receive rewards.

In the Score Rewards tab, you will see that you can earn specific rewards once you have accumulated a certain amount of points. This principle also applies to Monarch Scores and Alliance Scores.

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