Evony: Pink Gems

Players can use Pink Gems to purchase a variety of items in Evony, however, these gems can only be purchased with real money.

In Evony: The King’s Return, players must build an empire from the ground up while completing quests. As you advance in the game, you will come across various currencies like gold and gems.

There are some items in Evony that can be purchased with materials. However, some of the game’s servers have access to Pink Gems, which has caused some controversy.

Evony: Pink Gems

There are 2 types of currencies in Evony, namely gold and Gems. Players can procure gold by completing quests and opening chests.

Gems, on the other hand, can be acquired by claiming your daily rewards, however, you can procure additional Gems by purchasing packages with real money. In addition to Gems and Gold, some servers get access to Pink Gems.

In some regions of the world, players cannot make in-game purchases with real money, but they have to purchase Pink Gems with real money and then purchase the package that they want with the gems.

But this has stirred up some controversy because most players do not even know that Pink Gems exist and they are allegedly significantly cheaper than normal Gems. Although their names differ, Gems and Pink Gems serve the same function.

Players therefore use Pink Gems to gain an unfair advantage over those who are not even aware that Pink Gems exists.

Evony: Pink Gems
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Does the use of Pink Gems go against Evony’s rules and regulations?

It is noteworthy that using Pink Gems does not violate Evony’s rules and regulations as they are not sold by a third party.

Just like Gems, players can purchase Pink Gems at a significantly cheaper price in the game to obtain powerful Generals and gear.

You can also use your Pink Gems to upgrade items and to reduce times on construction and research.

Who can purchase Pink Gems?

As previously mentioned, only specific regions in the world can purchase Pink Gems. To figure out if you can purchase Pink Gems, you should select your Gems on the main screen to view the packages.

Players can view all the packages which are available for purchase and what the packages contain. If you cannot find the Pink Gems, it is highly likely that you cannot purchase them.

In some cases, Evony players are using a virtual private network (VPN) to connect to other servers to purchase Pink Gems.

Be aware of third parties

If you can purchase Pink Gems, we recommend that you only use Evony to purchase them and not a third-party application or website.

Although using Pink Gems does not violate the game’s rules and regulations, the use of third-party applications does. You can be banned from Evony if you use a third-party application or website to purchase Pink Gems.

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