Evony: Pink Gem Glitch

Some of the game’s regions in the world recently experienced Evony’s Pink Gem Glitch, which allowed players to purchase Pink Gems at a discounted price.

In this exhilarating video game, Evony: The King’s Return, players can assume the role of a lord or lady in medieval times.

It is up to you to build and expand your keep by recruiting Generals, training troops, doing research, and defeating monsters. Unfortunately, the game recently experienced a Pink Gem glitch.

Evony: Pink Gem Glitch

In some regions, players cannot make in-game purchases with real money; they have to purchase Pink Gems with real money and then purchase the package they want with the gems.

In the past few days, players have noticed that the price of the Pink Gems were reduced.

Instead of paying $99 for Pink Gems, players were able to purchase a package of Pink Gems for $0.99. Several players used this glitch to their advantage and purchased multiple packs of Pink Gems.

In theory, they now have an advantage over other players, as they can purchase powerful Generals, civilization gear, and historic subordinate cities.

Furthermore, these players are able to max their specialities, monarch gear, and all their All Star Dragons.

This means that instead of progressing in Evony at a normal pace, the players who purchased these free Pink Gems rate will now advance faster than other players.

Evony: Pink Gems
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Was the Pink Gems glitch resolved?

Fortunately, the game’s developers, Evony, quickly became aware of the Pink Gems Glitch that occurred in some regions of the world, so they were able to act quickly and resolve the issues. Hence, the Pink Gems are no longer for sale at a reduced price.

It is unknown whether Evony will remove the Pink Gems that players’ purchased during the glitch or not. However, it is unlikely, as the payment has already been made.

Pink Gems

As previously explained, Pink Gems can be purchased in Evony with for real money. This feature is only available in some regions of the world.

Once you have purchased Pink Gems, you can purchase in-game features such as Generals, gear, and you can upgrade items, amongst other things.

It is noteworthy that using Pink Gems does not go against Evony’s rules and regulations. However, purchasing items for a discounted price, which was not intended, could cause problems for your Evony account.

Third-party purchases

In addition to the Pink Gems glitch, Evony also addressed the issue whereby players were making in-game purchases from third-parties.

The developers said that all players who purchase in-game items should only purchase them through official channels.

Purchases through unofficial channels violate the game’s terms. If you make unofficial purchases, it is highly likely that your account will be suspended.

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