Evony: Pigment

Pigments are used to draw Remembrances in Evony’s Skull Island Memory Exhibition, however you can only acquire it by vanquishing monsters and harvesting resources.

Evony: The King’s Return is an exhilarating video game set in medieval times. As the lord or lady of a keep, you have to expand your empire by completing quests, participating in several activities and occasionally participating in in-game events.

During the 4th stage of the Kong’s Collaboration Event, you need to acquire Pigments.

Kong’s Collaboration event

Players can now enjoy the 4th stage of Kong’s Collaboration event. From Friday, 14 April 2023 to Monday, 24 April 2023, you can take part in several sub-events, including Skull Island Memory Exhibition, the Mysterious Island Adventure, Ancient Island Hunt, Beast Lair and the Login event.

You will also get the opportunity to challenge Kong himself to earn rich rewards. Every sub-event has a specific objective that has to be met before you can claim rewards.

The objective can be as simple as logging into Evony, or as difficult as summoning the Shadow of Kong to collect rewards.

Evony: Pigment

Skull Island Memory Exhibition is one of the sub-events that you can enjoy during Kong’s Collaboration event.

For this sub-event, you need to activate all the Remembrances to earn recorder rewards. To do this, you need to use Pigments to draw a Remembrance and get rewards.

After every drawing, wait for the cooldown to complete to draw again. Players can receive additional rewards when a Remembrance is drawn enough times and becomes activated.

In order to draw a Remembrance, you need to farm Pigments. You can procure Pigments by defeating enemies on the world map and gathering resources from a resource node.

You can also purchase Pigments from the in-game store, though you need to use real money for this purchase.

We recommend that you do not spend real money on Pigments as they can be acquired for free. That being said, it takes longer to farm Pigments than purchasing them.

Furthermore, it is not always guaranteed that you will receive a Pigment if you have killed an enemy or harvested resources.

Purchasing a Pigment guarantees that you will instantly receive a certain number of Pigments in your inventory. Bear in mind that it is not mandatory to purchase items, so the choice is entirely yours.

There are 4 Remembrances in the Skull Island Memory Exhibition menu, each of which requires a certain number of Pigments. The first Remembrance requires 3 Pigments, while the others require 12, 6 and 8 Pigments, respectively.

Evony: Pigment
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Every time you complete a Remembrance, you will receive rewards. The table below outlines the rewards that you can earn:

Remembrance Rewards
Upper-left corner
  • 200 Gems
  • 10 000 Monarch Experience Points
  • 500 Chips
  • Mysterious Gift
Upper-right corner
  • 1000 Gems
  • 1-hour speedup for training
  • 3 Mysterious Gifts
Bottom-left corner
  • 100 Stamina
  • 120 Refining Stones
  • 3 Mysterious Gifts
Bottom-right corner
  • 100 000 Gold
  • 4 Arrest Warrants
  • 3 Mysterious Gifts

Farming Pigments

As previously mentioned, you can procure Pigments by defeating monsters and gathering resources.

On the world map, you can discover several resource nodes and various enemies and the enemy’s level can be used to determine how many troops you need to send to battle.

However, it also indicates whether you will win the battle or not. Enemies with a high level are extremely difficult to defeat, therefore, we recommend that you focus on vanquishing low-level enemies if your troops are not very powerful.

Resource gathering is the safer option as you will not lose troops, but it takes much longer to gather resources than to defeat an enemy.

Recorder Rewards

Once you have completed all 4 Remembrances, you will receive the Recorder Rewards. This means that you have to acquire 29 Pigments in 24-hours, as the Remembrances reset after 24 hours.

If you complete all 4 Remembrances, you will receive the following:

Item Description
Weaver’s Flare Use it to call Kong to your City for 5 minutes
2 000 Gems This premium currency can be used to purchase items
15 Dragon Crystals This special item can only be obtained from the Battlefield
Material Bag (Silk Road) You can open the bag to receive a random item. Keep in mind that every item in the bag has a specific drop rate.
12 Runestone Chests Open it to receive a random Runestone
30 Magical Artwork Chests You can open the chest to receive one of the Artwork Fragment Chests

In addition, you will receive 1-hour speedups for Healing, Researching, Crafting, Construction, Trap Building and Training. Furthermore, Evony players will receive Food, Stone, Ore and Lumber boxes.

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