Evony: Pericles

One of the Epic Historic Generals players can procure in Evony is Pericles, however he should be assigned to the Hospital.

As the lady or lord of an empire in Evony: The King’s Return, you have to destroy monsters, train troops, harvest resources and attack other players.

To help you with these tasks, you can recruit numerous Generals, each of which have unique abilities.

One of these Generals is Pericles, who was a Greek politician and General during the Golden Age of Athens.

General rarity

Although there are several Generals that players can acquire in Evony, some Generals are considered better than others. Whether or not a General is considered better than others is determined by his or her rarity.

There are 8 different rarity types, however, you should remember that the higher a Genera’s rarity is, the better he or she is.

Furthermore, the Generals are divided into Historic and Non-Historic categories. Historic Generals are based on real life heroes, while Non-Historic Generals are fictional characters.

Ideally, players should only purchase and improve Gold Historic Generals, but this is not always possible.

Evony: Pericles

One of the various Generals players in Evony is Pericles, who was once a Greek politician and General during the Golden Age of Athens. He was considered prominent and influential in Athenian politics.

As previously explained, every General in Evony has unique abilities which determine their role in your empire. The following table lists Pericles’s abilities and a description of each:

Ability Description
Siege Machine Defense
  • Increases Siege Machine health points by 10 percent
  • Increases Siege Machine Defense by 10 percent
  • Enemy troop defense is decreased by 10 percent
  • Healing Speed increased by 20 percent
Age of Pericles
  • Healing Speed is increased by 30 percent
  • In-city troop defense is increased by 10 percent

In addition to these abilities, Pericles also has a special skill, Archon of Athens. This ability increases hospital capacity by 25 percent and troops health points by 10 percent.

A General’s abilities generally determines the role that he or she will take on in your empire.

When looking at Pericles’ abilities, it can be said that he will not perform well in Ranged PvP, Ground PvP, Mounted PvP or Siege PvP.

We also recommend that you do not select Pericles when you are fighting foes, as you will not receive any buffs or bonuses.

Instead, Pericles will excel when assigned to a Duty General role. His abilities, Sage and Age of Pericles, only activate when Pericles is applied to the Hospital in your keep.

Furthermore, his special ability will only activate when he is the Hospital officer.

Evony: Pericles
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Pericles’s statistics

When you first acquire Pericles, he will have base statistics, which can be increased by increasing his level and commencing the cultivation and enhancing process.

The amount by which his statistics increase by is the listed growth rate:

Statistic Base rate Growth rate
Leadership 109 8.71 percent
Attack 120 9 percent
Defense 122 9.02 percent
Politics 108 8.64 percent

Pericles’s build

Since players should not use Pericles on the battlefield or to gather resources, it is not necessary to follow a specific build. As a pure Evony Duty General, there is no need to add skill books or equipment to Pericles.

This is because the skill books or equipment will not impact the General when they are on duty at a building.

That being said, you can focus on cultivating Pericles to improve their duty rank.

Cultivating is the process of spending gold and gems to increase Pericles’s statistics. Every statistic can be increased by an additional 500 points through this process.

How to acquire Pericles

Most Generals can be purchased through the Tavern in your Keep, but players had to participate in Evony’s Carnival event to procure Pericles.

You were able to find General Pericles in the “King’s Party” tab in the Valuable Event interface. During this event, players had to purchase basic Gems to increase the level of Party Cake.

Once the Party Cake has reached level 10, you were able to get the Epic Historic General, Pericles. Since the event has concluded, players can no longer add Pericles to their collection.

Unfortunately, the General is unavailable for recruitment in the Tavern, however, players should keep an eye on their Tavern to see when he will become available for purchase.

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