Evony: Pegasus

Evony players can now acquire a new Spiritual Beast called the Pegasus, which is intended to be used in a player-versus-player Cavalry General troop.

Players can assume the role of a lord or a lady in this adventurous and tactical mobile game, Evony: The King’s Return. The game is set in the medieval era and it is your responsibility to build an empire from the ground up.

Since the mobile game is based on the classic video game, Evony, you can expect to experience similar features, mechanics, and content in both games.

The game contains numerous activities and gaming modes for you to partake in, including a player-versus-player mode. You will also have the opportunity to defeat monsters, gather resources, and procure a Spiritual Beast.

It is worth noting that most of the activities are initially locked when you start playing, but you can access them once you have met the requirements to do so.

What is a Spiritual Beast?

A Spiritual Beast is a unique type of troop, as they can fight alongside your Generals in battle. However, Spiritual Beasts do not function the same as a troop, as they cannot die in battle. Furthermore, they also cannot be trained the same way as troops.

Players need to equip or allocate a Spiritual Beast to a specific General for them to work properly. It is alleged that Spiritual Beasts can enhance a General’s skills and abilities, which can, in turn, alter your overall gameplay.

Evony: Pegasus

Evony’s developer occasionally introduces new content and features to the game. This is, allegedly, to keep players interested and engaged in the game. They recently introduced a new Spiritual Beast called the Pegasus, which is a horse that can fly.

Evony: Pegasus
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Players can discover the new beast in the Spiritual Beast menu, however, they need to have a Pasture in their Keep to access this menu. The Pegasus will initially only be an egg, but you can summon the beast using a Pegasus Spirit item.

You can acquire a Pegasus Spirit item by collecting 400 Spiritual Beast Scales. Players can earn these scales as a reward for killing boss monsters located around the map.

Alternatively, you can purchase a Spirit Beast pack, which features an unknown number of Spiritual Beast Scales, among other items.

Similarly to other Spiritual Beasts, Pegasus contains different skills, all of which can help your General and troops tremendously. These statistics increase as the Pegasus reaches new levels, but players should bear in mind that the current maximum level he can reach is level 10.

The table below lists level 10 Pegasus’ statistics:

Statistic Amount
Marching mounted troop attack 45 percent
Ground troop health points 45 percent
Enemy ground troop health points Decreased by 30 percent
March size capacity 15 percent

Once you have unlocked your Pegasus, you can allocate him to a General in order to accumulate experience points. When he has enough experience points, he will reach a higher level.

This means that his statistics and abilities improve. You can also use an experience scroll to move to higher levels faster.

Can you use a Spiritual Beast experience scroll even when you have yet to unlock Pegasus?

Players can use Spiritual Beasts experience scrolls on their Pegasus, even when they have not unlocked it. This means that you can increase your Pegasus’ level while you are collecting Spiritual Beast Scales.

Subsequently, your Pegasus will be quite strong when you have unlocked it, which means that it can enhance your General’s abilities even more.

How to use Pegasus

When looking at Pegasus’ statistics, it looks like this Spiritual Beast is meant to be used primarily as a player-versus-player troop for a cavalry General. Although you can also use it with a ground General in a defensive role.

Cavalry Generals refer to Generals who specialise in mounted troops. The most powerful mounted Generals usually have high attack, defence, and health statistics.

However, when you equip a Pegasus on a Cavalry General, they become even stronger, as their skills and abilities are enhanced.

Is Pegasus better than a Dragon?

Even though a Pegasus is an upgraded version of other Spiritual Beasts, the Dragons are still a better option. This is because Dragons can improve your General’s statistics and you can also refine your Dragons to get additional statistics.

Players cannot do this on a Spiritual Beast, as their objective is only to enhance a General’s talents and abilities.

That being said, Pegasus is not entirely a bad option, especially if you are a free-to-play character with a limited number of dragons. It is advised that you use Fafnir as a Siege Dragon, with Pegasus on your PvP Calvary General instead.

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