Evony: Parade Mask event

One of the events you can enjoy in Evony is the Parade Mask event, also known as the Revelry Carnival event.

In this thrilling mobile game, Evony: The King’s Return, you can assume the role of a lord or lady. The game is based on the classic video game, Evony, and as such, you are likely to encounter similar mechanics and gameplay in both games.

The King’s Return is set in a fictional world in medieval times, and it is your responsibility to build a kingdom from the ground up. There are many activities you can enjoy as you advance in the game, including a player-versus-playing mode.

In this mode you can attack other players’ keeps, while defending your own. Moreover, you can participate in an array of in-game events, one of which is known as the Parade Mask event.

What is an in-game event?

An in-game event refers to anything that allows players to interact with the game in a new, exciting way for a limited time. Some of the most successful in-game events include tournaments, limited-time obstacles, and challenges.

These occasional activities motivate players to reopen a game that they may have been neglecting for some time. Participating in an event generally rewards you with rare and valuable items, which can sometimes only be obtained from the specific event.

Most in-game events have a theme that corresponds to real-life events, such as Halloween and Christmas. During themed in-game events, you can acquire items that align with the theme, like a Halloween-themed avatar frame, or a Christmas-themed keep decoration.

Evony: Parade Mask event

One of the events you can participate in is the Revelry Carnival event, but it is not always active. Thus, it is recommended that you check the event center regularly to see which events are active and which events will activate in the near future.

During this event, you can upgrade your Celebration level using Parade Masks and Party Invitations. For every Celebration level you reach, you earn an array of rewards, which can impact your gameplay.

Evony: Parade Mask event
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If your Celebration level reaches level 5, level 10, level 15, or level 20, you can unlock the Celebration Puzzles and you will earn greater rewards. You can procure Parade Masks in numerous ways during the event.

Allegedly, you can receive 480 Parade Masks from defeating monsters, 60 masks from the daily login rewards, and 300 masks from resource gathering.

The easiest way to acquire masks from resource gathering is to farm level 1 resource tiles because the higher level resources tiles and the level 1 resource tiles drop the same quantity of masks.

However, the level 1 resource tile only takes 2 minutes to farm, while the higher tiles can take a long time. You can acquire Party Invitations by completing the King’s Path and Gather Troops quests, and from the on sale packages.

The Parade Masks offer you Celebration Badges, whereas the Party Invitations offer you Emerald Brooches. You can use both items to unlock and keep decorations and Generals.

How to gather resources

Players can get a high quantity of Parade Masks by gathering resources on the map. Before you set out to gather resources, you need to identify the resource spot from which you want to gather.

There are different types of resource locations, including farms, quarries, iron mines, gem mines, and sawmills.

Once you have decided on a resource tile, you can click on it and select  “Occupy” in the pop-up menu. This will open a new menu which allows you to select the Generals and Troops you want to send to gather resources.

It is recommended that you choose your best gathering General and enough troops to carry the resources. After making your selection, you can click on the march icon to send your troops to the tile. They will return to your keep once they have enough resources.

Defeating monsters

Although defeating monsters can result in more Parade Masks, it is a more difficult task. You should bear in mind that stronger bosses and monsters generally spawn towards the middle of the map, and weaker enemies appear more towards the edges.

There are 15 bosses that spawn every day, throughout the year. However, there are also event bosses that spawn on the map during limited-time events.

Allegedly, mounted troops led by a strong mounted General with mounted gear, skills, and refines is your best bet to easily defeat a monster or boss.

How to use your Parade Masks and Party Invitations

During the event, you may notice Parade Masks and Party Invitations in your inventory. Although there is a use option when you click on the items, they cannot be used in your inventory.

Evony players must open the event menu to use their masks and invitations. These items may disappear from your inventory when the event concludes.

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