Evony: Otto the Great

Although you can use Otto the Great for any activity in Evony, some of his specialities only activates when he is the Trap Factory’s Duty Officer.

As you progress in Evony: The King’s Return, you will procure a variety of Generals with unique roles to fulfill in the game.

One of the Generals you can collect is Otto the Great, who was the East Francian King and the Holy Roman Emperor. Otto was considered one of the most powerful emperors in Europe at that time.

Evony: Otto the Great
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To add this General to your collection, you have to visit the Tavern on a regular basis to see if he is available for recruitment. When he is available, you will have to use 60 000 000 gold to purchase him.

Alternatively, you can purchase premium packages with real money to collect Otto the Great. Once you have him, you will be able to increase his statistics by increasing his level.

You can also cultivate and enhance Otto the Great to increase his statistics and his star-level.

Every time you increase his level, his statistics will increase with the amount equal to his growth rate. The table below lists Otto’s base statistics and his growth rate:

Statistic Base rate Growth rate
Leadership 119 8.77%
Defense 119 9.04%
Attack 110 8.64%
Politics 112 8.77%

Otto the Great’s specialities

Similar to other Generals in Evony, Otto has several specialities that you can use to your advantage. His specialities and a description of each:

Name Description
Siege Machine Defense
  • Siege Machine HP is increased by 10%
  • Siege Machine Defense is increased by 10%
  • Enemy Troop Defense is decreased by 10%
Sage (Applied to Trap Factory Officer)
  • Traps building speed is increased by 40%
  • In-city siege machine attack is increased by 10%
The Great Prestige (Applied to Trap Factory Officer)
  • Siege machine repairing cost is decreased by 20%
  • In-city siege machine attack is increased by 20%

Otto’s special skill

Otto’s special skill is always active and requires no development. His special skill, Empire Defender, increases in-city siege machines’ attack by 30%.

It also reduces enemy ranged troops’ attack by 15% when Otto is assigned to the Trap Factory.

When considering Otto’s specialities and special skills, it is clear that players can assign him to their Trap Factory to activate his abilities.

How to assign Otto to the Trap Factory

To assign Otto to your Trap Factory, select the Trap Factory in your empire and click on the “Duty” icon. Keep in mind that this feature only unlocks when the building reaches level 19 though.

If you meet the level requirement, you can simply search for Otto in the General list and assign him as the Trap Factory’s Duty Officer.

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