Evony: Order of Dawn

During Evony’s Clash of Civilizations event Monarchs have to destroy and occupy Order of Dawn buildings to earn scores.

Monarchs who have met the necessary requirements can currently participate in Evony’s Clash of Civilizations. This event puts the top 25 players of 8 servers against each other on a battlefield with unique rules.

This battle will last 2 hours and during this time, you have to occupy or defeat the Order of Dawn buildings to receive buffs and earn points.

Keep in mind, though, that you will have to fight other players while attempting to occupy, or destroy, the Order of Dawn buildings

Evony: Order of Dawn
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It is important to note that the Order of Dawn buildings are located at fixed positions on the battlefield map.

That being said, buildings will refresh periodically when they are destroyed by Monarchs. To occupy an Order of Dawn building, you need to demolish the building completely.

Some buildings have to be defeated numerous times before you can occupy them and earn event points.

When completely defeated, the Order of Dawn buildings will be on fire for a while before they are destroyed. You have to send troops to occupy the building while it is on fire to earn scores and buffs.

The number of points you can earn is determined by the type of Order of Dawn building you occupy:

Building Scores
Empire City 40 Million – 120 million worth of troop power can earn 3 to 20 scores per second when conquering an Empire City.
Lunar Eclipse Stronghold Once you have occupied this building, you can earn 1000 scores.
Solar Eclipse Stronghold This building will provide you with 1000 scores when occupied.
Dawn Sanctuary Players who completely demolish it will gain 1500 scores.
Dan Temple After occupying this building, you will earn 3000 scores.

Where are the Order of Dawn buildings located?

As previously mentioned, the Order of Dawn buildings can be found in specific places on the battlefield map. The locations of the buildings are as follows:

Building Location
Empire City Every server has an Empire City that can be occupied by players from other servers and it is generally located in your server’s part of the map.
Lunar Eclipse Stronghold There are 4 Lunar Eclipse Strongholds scattered on the map. Unfortunately, the exact locations are unknown.
Solar Eclipse Stronghold The exact location of the Solar Eclipse Stronghold is unknown, however, there are 4 Strongholds that you can find on the map.
Dawn Sanctuary This building can be found on the right side of the map.
Dawn Temple Monarchs can find this building on the left side of the map.


Once you have occupied one of the Order of Dawn buildings, you will get a variety of buffs, which are listed below:

Building Buffs
Empire City Conquering an Empire City will give you a 1 percent bonus to your total Clash of Civilization scores at the end of the battlefield.
Lunar Eclipse Stronghold Defeating this building will grant a rally capacity increase of 50 percent for 10 minutes.
Solar Eclipse Stronghold This building will grant you a 150 percent march size increase for 10 minutes.
Dawn Sanctuary If you occupy this building, 20 percent of your server’s wounded troops will be healed, and you will benefit from a 100 percent increase in attack, defense and HP.
Dawn Temple Defeating this building will heal 30 percent of your servers’ wounded troops. It will also increase your server’s attack, defense and health points by 150 percent for 10 minutes.

Regular buildings

In addition to the Order of Dawn buildings, you will also come across various regular buildings on the battlefield map. Players can therefore find a Blessing Tower, Empire Turret, Rally Hall, Battlefield Hospital and Temple of Civilization on the map.

Similarly to the Order of Dawn buildings, these buildings will also provide your server with unique buffs and if you occupy them, you will receive a specific quantity of scores.

Keep in mind, however, that you may have to occupy the building for a certain period of time before you will earn event scores.

Battlefield buffs

While occupying buildings and attacking other Evony players during the Clash of Civilization event, you may receive a battlefield buff.

Each buff will provide you with unique bonuses, which are listed below:

Buff Description
Solar Sight Increases the attacking troops’ attack, defense and health points by 300 percent each.
Lunar Sight This buff increases the defending troops’ attack, defense and health points by 300 percent each.
Auxiliary Buff At regular intervals, all Monarchs will receive an Auxiliary buff. When you have received the buff, you will get troops in a certain proportion based on your current troop amount.

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