Evony: Napoleon’s Trial Answers 2024

Evony’s Napoleon’s Trial event gives players a unique set of questions that they have to answer to earn exciting rewards.

Monarchs can now participate in Evony: The King’s Return Napoleon’s Trial to earn rewards. An event of the same name took place in November 2023, however, the 2024 Napoleon’s Trial event introduced new content for you to enjoy.

Evony: Napoleon’s Trial Answers 2024
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While the event is active, you have to answer a unique set of questions to earn rewards. Since there are more than 140 questions in this event, one cannot predetermine which questions you will have to answer.

The following table lists some of the questions you may receive as well as their answers:

Question Answer
Who was the first rule of the First French Empire? Napoleon
The Girl with a Pearl Earring is the work of which artist? Johannes Vermeer
Who is the director of the 2023 movie Napoleon? Ridley Scott
After Charlemagne’s death in 814, his empire was divided into 3 parts in 843, which created the beginning of 3 counties. Which three were they? Germany, France and Italy
When did the United States declare independence? 1776
Corpus Juris Civilis does not include which of the following codes? Twelve Tables
What type of movie is Napoleon in 2023? Biopic
When did Napoleon and Josephine get married? 1796
Napoleon became brigadier of artillery after which battle? 13 Vendemiaire
Who was the first emperor in Chinese history? Emperor Qin Shi Huang
Which wonder of the world is located in ancient Babylon? The Hanging Gardens
Which is the world’s longest river? The Nile
In which year did Richard the Lionheart and Saladin sign a truce? 1192
When did the Battle of Trafalgar take place? From 1805
Which General in Evony has white hair? Menshikov
Where did coffee originate from? Africa

Trial Schedule

Players should note that the Trials in the event are only at  specific times. If you miss the trial, you will not be able to answer the questions and earn rewards. The Trial’s schedule is as follows:

Trial type Time
Junior Monday, 29 January 2024 11:00 until Tuesday, 30 January 9:00
Senior Tuesday, 30 January 2024 20:00 until Wednesday, 31 January 00:00
Junior Wednesday, 31 January 2024 11:00 until Thursday, 1 February 2024 9:00
Junior Thursday, 1 February 2024 11:00 until Friday, 2 February 2024 9:00
Junior Friday, 2 February 2024 11:00 until Saturday, 3 February 2024 9:00
Junior Saturday, 3 February 2024 11:00 until Sunday, 4 February 2024 9:00
Junior Sunday, 4 February 2024 11:00 until Monday, 5 February 2024 9:00
Senior Monday, 5 February 2024 20:00 until Tuesday, 6 February 2024 00:00

Junior Trial

Keep in mind however that the questions that you will have to answer are randomly selected. This essentially means that it is impossible to determine which questions you will receive.

If you answer 6 questions correctly, you will qualify for the Senior Trial. There is no time limit on answering the questions, therefore you can take your time.

If you are struggling to answer a question, you can ask for help from your Alliance members

Evony players should note that they can only ask Alliance members for help up to 5 times a day. If you answer 9 questions correctly, you will get a Trial Revival Scrolls, which can help you in the Senior Trial.

Senior Trial

Once you qualify for the Senior Trial, you should consider the mentioned Schedule to not miss out on the opportunity to answer the questions. Unlike the Junior Trial, the Senior Trial contains 15 questions, and every question has a time-limit.

This means that you have a certain amount of time to answer each question. If the timer runs out before you have answered the question, it will be regarded as the incorrect answer.

If you answer 1 question incorrectly, you will be eliminated from the Senior Trial. However, if you have a Trial Revival Scroll, it will automatically be used, and you will be able to continue the trial.

If you answer all the questions correctly, your entire Alliance will be rewarded and you will get the opportunity to share Gems.


Since the Senior Trial is yet to occur, the rewards you will earn if you answer all the questions correctly are unknown. However, if you complete the Junior Trial, you will earn the following rewards:

  • 15-minute Speed Up
  • 30-minute Speed Up
  • 60-minute Speed Up
  • 20 000 General Experience Points
  • 20 000 Monarch Experience Points
  • Medium Resources Chest
  • Special Resources Chest
  • Senior Resources Chest
  • Level 3 Candy
  • Trial Revival Ticket

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