Evony: Napoleon

Evony players are now able to acquire the legendary militarist and the first Emperor of France, Napoleon, who can be used as a Siege PvP General

In Evony: The King’s Return you can choose between ground-pounding infantry and gigantic siege engines to fight your enemies on the world map.

As the lord or lady of an empire you have to harvest resources, explore relics, enjoy medieval-themed events and construct buildings.


The game’s developer regularly collaborates with movies released in real life to ensure that players have the most relevant and exciting gaming experience.

Although the previous collaboration with Kong has concluded, you can now enjoy a collaboration with Napoleon.

While the collaboration is active, players can recruit Napoleon, who is a legendary militarism and politician.

He is reportedly one of the best Siege Machine Generals in Evony as he has a huge Siege Machine attack when all his specialities are maxed out.

Evony: Napoleon
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The following table lists Napoleon’s abilities and a description of each:

Skill Description
Siege Machine Assault
  • Siege Machine Attack is increased by 10%
  • Siege Machine Health Points increased by 10%
  • March Size Capacity is increased by 6%
  • Attacking Siege Machine and Ranged Troop Attack are increased by 10%
War God
  • All Troops Attack is increased by 6%
Battle of Austerlitz
  • Attacking Troops’ Attack is increased by 16%
  • March Size Capacity is increased by 10%

As seen in the table, Napoleon can also be used as a Ranged PvP General, but this is not recommended, as there are other Generals who can fulfill the role better.

Napoleon’s special skill, Invincible Emperor of France, increases Troop Attack by 10%. It also increases Siege Machine Attack by 20% when Napoleon is leading the army to attack.

Napoleon builds

In order to increase Napoleon’s efficiency, you can follow specific builds. The builds that you can use for Napoleon are:

Build Skill Books Equipment Refines
Siege PvP
  • Level 4 Siege Machine Attack
  • Level 4 Siege Machine Range Bonus
  • Level 4 March Size
  • Ring: Siege Machine Attack
  • Leg Armor: Siege Machine HP
  • Helmet: Siege Machine HP
  • Boots: Siege Machine Defense
  • Armor: Siege Machine Defense
  • Axe: Siege Machine Attack
Siege and Ranged PvP
  • Level 4 Ranged Troop Attack
  • Level 4 Siege Machine Range Bonus
  • Level 4 March Size
  • Ring: Ranged Troop Attack
  • Leg Armor: Ranged Troop HP
  • Helmet: Ranged Troop HP
  • Boots: Ranged Troop Defense
  • Armor: Ranged Troop Defense
  • Axe: Siege Machine Attack

Napoleon’s statistics

When you first recruit Napoleon, his statistics will be quite low, however, as you increase his level, his statistics will increase. Napoleon’s base statistics as well as the growth rate are listed below:

Statistic Base rate Growth rate
Politics 112 8.41%
Defense 113 8.65%
Attack 112 8.85%
Leadership 119 9.24%

You can also increase his statistics through the cultivation and enhancing processes.

Cultivation is the process of spending gold and gems to increase every stat by an additional 500 points while enhancement is the process of increasing Napoleon’s Star Level using gold and medals.

Keep in mind, however, that Napoleon has to be a certain level before you can increase his Star Level.

Ascended Special Skill Buffs

Every time you increase Napoleon’s Star Level, he will unlock additional buffs on his special skill, Invincible Emperor of France.

The table below lists the buffs that he will unlock at every star level:

Star level Buffs
1 Marching Troops Attack increased by 5%
2 Enemy In-City Troop Wounded into Death Rate increased by 10%
3 When Napoleon launches Alliance War, Rally Capacity is increased by 8%
4 Marching Troop Defense increased by 20%
5 Marching Troops Attack increased by 5% and 20% increase for Siege Machines

To unlock these buffs, you need to consider the following:

General level Star level Required medals Required gold
5 1 40 1 million
10 2 120 2 million
14 3 300 4 million
18 4 800 8 million
22 5 2000 15 million

Napoleon’s Trials

To celebrate Napoleon’s collaboration, Evony is hosting a limited-time event; Napoleon’s Trail. During this event, players must answer a set of questions to earn rewards.

Keep in mind though that you need to complete the Junior Trial before you can attempt the Senior Trial.

You have to answer 6 questions correctly to qualify for the Senior Trial, but if you answer 9 questions correctly you will get 1 Trial Revival Scroll.

If you are struggling to answer a question, you can ask for assistance from your Alliance members.

During the Senior Trial you have to answer 15 questions, but if you answer 1 question incorrectly, you will be eliminated from the trial.

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