Evony: Napoleon Senior Trial Answers

The Senior Trial in Evony’s Napoleon’s Trial event requires players to answer a unique set of questions to earn rich rewards

Evony: The King’s Return is currently hosting the Napoleon Trial event, which took place in November 2023.

Similarly to the previous event, the 2024 Napoleon’s Trial event invites players to answer a unique set of questions to earn exciting rewards.

Gamers have to progress through the Junior Trial to get access to the Senior Trial. Players have to answer 6 questions correctly in the Junior Trial in order to qualify for the Senior Trial.

Unlike the Junior Trial, the Senior Trial contains15 questions, each with a specific time limit. You therefore only have a few minutes to answer each question in the Senior Trial.

Evony: Napoleon Senior Trial Answers
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If you are not able to answer the question before the timer depletes, it will be regarded as an incorrect answer. Monarchs will be eliminated from the Senior Trial if they answer a question incorrectly or if the timer depletes.

However, if you have a Trial Revival Scroll in your inventory, the Trial will automatically consume it and you will be able to continue the Senior Trial.

However, if you do not have the item in your inventory, you will be eliminated. This means that you will have to complete the Junior Trial again to qualify for the Senior Trial.

Monarchs should note that the set of questions that they will receive in the Trial is randomly selected. Since there are more than 140 questions you can receive in the Senior Trial, it is impossible to determine which questions you will receive.


Although it is impossible to know which questions you will get, you can consider the following table to help you progress through the Trial:

Question Answer
Which General is known as one of the Five Tiger Generals? Guan Yu
Who was the first man in history to be called Paladin? Roland
Who created Arabic numerals? Indians
When did Napoleon conquer Egypt? 1798
Frogs are amphibians, so which animal is the ancestor of amphibians? Fish
When was Napoleon born? 1759
When was the French First Republic founded? 1792
Which is the world’s longest river? The Nile
In which year did Richard the Lionheart and Saladin sign a truce? 1192
Which is the strongest and most powerful muscle in the human body? Tongue

Rumored questions

As previously mentioned, it is impossible to know which questions you will receive in the Senior Trial. However, some players believe that if you are guaranteed to get the following questions:

Question Answer
Which General is best at leading mounted troops? Martinus
Which General’s skill is Legendary Empress? Theodora
What is the composition of more than 90% of the gasses in the atmosphere of Mars? Carbon Dioxide
When was the French First Republic founded? 1792
Corpus Juris Civilis does not include which of the following codes? Twelve Tables
Which writer wrote the 2023 movie Napoleon? David Scarpa
When did Napoleon and Josephine get married? 1796
When did the Siege of Toulon take place? 1793
On which day of the year is World Environment Day celebrated? 5 June
When was Napoleon born? 1769
Which series of Monarch Gear offers buff for siege machines? Fire
Which General is known as the Lady of the Mercians? Aethelflaed
How many times can you attack the World Boss for free? 5

Asking for help

If you are struggling to answer a question, you can ask for help from your Alliance members. Keep in mind, however, that you can only ask for help up to 5 times every day.

Since there are 15 questions in the Senior Trial, you will have to carefully consider which questions you want to ask for help with.

Furthermore, every question in the Senior Trial has a time limit, which can be problematic when you are asking for help.

It is possible that your Alliance members will not be able to help you and if they do not help in time, the answer will be considered incorrect. You will then be disqualified from the Senior Trial.


If you manage to answer all 15 questions correctly, you will be able to share Evony’s premium currency, Gems, with numerous players.

Unfortunately, the exact rewards for the Senior Trial is yet to be announced, but you will earn various rewards for every question that you answer correctly.

Evony players who qualify for the Senior Trial should note that the Trial only occurs at specific times.

If you miss the Senior Trial, you will not be able to get the valuable rewards. The next and the last, Senior Trials are scheduled for Monday, 5 February 2024.

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