Evony: Moon Treasures

You can acquire various rewards from the Moon Treasure in Evony, however, you first have to acquire the necessary items to compose a Celestial Clothing Box.

In this strategic mobile game, Evony: The King’s Return, you can assume the role of a lady or lord in medieval times. As the game’s name suggests, it is based on the classic video game, Evony, which means that you will likely experience similar gameplay and content in both versions.

The objective of this game is to build a kingdom up from the ground while recruiting troops, defeating enemies, and gathering resources.

The game has an array of activities and events for you to partake in, some of which will be locked initially. Fortunately, you will gain access to them once you have met the requirements to do so. During the Tale of Princess Kaguya event, you can collect Moon Treasures to earn desirable rewards.

Tale of Princess Kaguya event

Princess Kaguya, the Moon Princess in the oldest Japanese monogatari, finally arrived in the land of Evony. To welcome her, the game’s developer, Evony, planned a special celebration called the Tale of Princess Kaguya event. It commenced on 5 July 2022 and will conclude on 19 July 2022.

During this time, you can consume Moon Bamboos to open a bamboo tube, which gives you a chance to receive the Epic, Historic General, Princess Kaguya. Players can get up to 10 Moon Bamboos every day, 3 of which can be acquired from resource spots, and the others can be looted from monsters.

Evony: Moon Treasures
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Evony: Moon Treasures

In addition to Moon Bamboos, Evony players can acquire 5 kinds of Moon Treasures from resource locations and monsters. You can compose 3 of these items to receive a Celestial Clothing Box in 10 levels.

Once you have composed a clothing box, you can open it to earn rich rewards. There is a chance that you could receive the Golden Sparrow avatar frame from the Celestial Clothing Box. But keep in mind that you first have to compose certain items, which include:

  • Jewelled Branch
  • Fire Rat’s Robe
  • Bowl of Buddha
  • Dragon’s Pearl
  • Swallow’s Shell

When you have acquired 3 of these items, you can go to the event center and select the Tale of Princess Kaguya event. In the new menu, you will find 2 tabs, one of which is Moon Treasures. By clicking on it, you can compose the items you have acquired to receive a Celestial Clothing Box of a random level.

It is worth noting that there is no guarantee that you will receive the best level box that is available, as it is randomly generated.

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Does Princess Kaguya have skills?

Similarly to other Generals in Evony, Princess Kaguya has a special skill called the Princess from the Moon. It increases ranged troops’ attack by 35 percent and increases ranged troops and siege machines’ health by 30 percent.

Keep in mind that this skill only activates when Princess Kaguya is leading the army. This skill’s star ranking increases as the General gains experience points and ascension levels, which essentially means that the higher the skill’s star ranking is, the stronger it will be.

For example, at 5-stars, the skill increases marching ranged troops’ attack by 15 percent, and also increases marching ranged troop and siege machines’ defence by 20 percent.

How to defeat enemies

As previously stated, you can acquire the items needed for the Celestial Clothing Boxes by defeating monsters, who can be found on random tiles on the map. Before you attempt to defeat a monster, it is advisable that you consider your level, and the monster’s level.

If the monster’s level is higher than yours, it is advised that you do not attack it as the chances of defeating it are low. It is recommended that you search the map to find a monster that has a lower level, or that is on the same level.

Once you have found a monster, you can click on it before sending out your troops to defeat it.

Can the Moon Treasure items disappear?

Players should remember that all event items disappear at the end of the event. It is thus recommended that you do not farm and stack the items for the Moon Treasure, instead you should use them once you have enough items.

It is worth noting that the rewards you have earned from the Celestial Clothing Boxes do not disappear, but the materials needed to acquire a box do.

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