Evony: Monarch Avatar Hilde

The only way Evony players can acquire the Hilde Monarch Avatar is by purchasing the Luxury Dragon Treasure Package with real money

Evony: The King’s Return regularly hosts events to give monarchs the opportunity to complete unique objectives and tasks to earn rich rewards. Players can find events in the Event Center and in the Valuable Event section.

In the Valuable Event section, you will find the Dragon Treasures event, which allows you to procure the Monarch Avatar, Hilde. For this event you have to purchase a Dragon Treasures Package to get Treasure Compasses.

You can use these Compasses to spin the event wheel and earn rewards. Monarchs can get corresponding quantities of Dragon Gemstones when they win the Purple Dragon Treasure, White Dragon Treasure, Golden Dragon Treasure or Red Dragon Treasures.

Players can use their Dragon Gemstones to redeem items in the Dragon Shop. To acquire the Hilde Monarch Avatar, you need approximately 200 Dragon Gemstones.

Once you have the Hilde Monarch Avatar, you can apply it to your Monarch to change how your character appears in the game.

Evony: Monarch Avatar Hilde
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You have to select your Monarch image, which is in the upper left corner of the main screen, to open your Monarch’s menu.

You can select the “Detail” tab to view further details about your profile. In this menu you will find a green icon next to your character’s image.

After selecting this icon, you can click on the “Change Avatar” option to activate the Hilde Monarch Avatar item. You may have to scroll through all your collected Avatars to find the Hilde Avatar.

Players can change or deactivate their Hilde Monarch Avatar any time as the change or deactivation is free.

Dragon Shop

In addition to the Hilde Monarch Avatar, you can use your Dragon Gemstones to purchase a variety of items. Monarchs can find these items in the Dragon Shop:

Item Price
Gokstad Ship 60 Dragon Gemstones
Epic Subordinate City Key Fragment 250 Dragon Gemstones
Legendary Subordinate City Key Fragment 160 Dragon Gemstones
Meteoric Stone 10 Dragon Gemstones
Civilization Scroll Fragment Chest (Supremacy) 30 Dragon Gemstones
1 million food 5 Dragon Gemstones
3-hour Speed Up 15 Dragon Gemstones
12-hour Speed Up 10 Dragon Gemstones
Uncommon Subordinate City Key 200 Dragon Gemstones
100 000 Gold 4 Dragon Gemstones
100 000 Lumber 15 Dragon Gemstones

Luxury Dragon Treasures Package

In order to gain Treasure Compasses, players must purchase the Luxury Dragon Treasures Package. This package costs approximately $115.20 and can only be purchased with real money.

To purchase this pack, you can open the Dragon Treasures event page and select the  “+” sign next to the Treasure Compasses.

Alternatively you can open the in-game store and access the Package via the shop. In addition to the Treasure Compasses, players will receive the following items:

  • Epic Historic General
  • 50 x 5 000 Gems
  • 60 Blood of Ares
  • 500 Super Resource Chest
  • 75 Treasure Box
  • 550 Tactic Scroll
  • 175 Dragon Source Fragment
  • 120 Dragon Crystal
  • 1200 Runestone Chests
  • 3500 Refining Stones
  • 500 Research Chests
  • 120 Soul Crystals
  • 350 Source of Life
  • 3 Advanced Royal Waybills
  • 100 Advanced Troop March Speedup
  • 6 000 60-minute Speed Up

Dragon Treasures

Once you have Treasure Compasses, you can spin the Dragon Treasures Wheel of Fortune to earn events. A spin costs 1 Treasure Compass, and players can either spin once or 10 times.

You can earn Super Resource Chests, Material Bag (Silk Road), Refining Stones, Meteoric Stone, Gold and Research Stones by spinning the wheel.

However most players aim to acquire one of the Dragon Treasures, which will reward you with Dragon Gemstones.

The number of Dragon Gemstones that you receive will be determined by the type of Dragon Treasure you earn:

Type of Dragon Treasure Number of Gemstones
Golden 10
Red 60
Purple 5
White 2

You have to spin the wheel multiple times in the hopes of acquiring enough Gemstones to purchase the Hilde Monarch Avatar.

Can you acquire the Hilde Monarch Avatar for free?

Unfortunately, the only way that Evony players can acquire the Hilde Monarch Avatar is by purchasing the Luxury Dragon Treasures Package. This is because there is no free way to procure the Treasure Compasses.

This means that only players who are willing to spend real money in Evony will be able to acquire the Hilde Monarch Avatar. Though you will still be able to progress in the game if you are not willing to spend real money.

Furthermore, there are several free Monarch Avatars that you can use to alter the appearance of your character.

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