Evony: Moment of Glory

During Evony’s Moment of Glory event, players have to complete unique quests while the Server War is active to earn rewards

Evony: The King’s Return regularly hosts in-game events which require that Monarchs complete unique tasks to earn rewards.

Players can now participate in the Moment of Glory event and to earn rewards, you have to complete quests while the Server War is active to earn rewards.

Server War is a 48-hour period where 2 servers may attack each other, however,  your entire server has to collaborate in order to beat the enemy server. An entire server therefore has to progress through the rankings to gain rich rewards.

Evony: Moment of Glory
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The Server War opens every 14 days, which indicates that you can only complete Moment of Glory quests every 2 weeks.

Before the Server War commences, a Server chat will be opened for players to communicate and develop a strategy on how to conquer the opponent Servers.

In addition to defeating the opponent Server, you can kill enemies as well as monsters on their server to earn Server War Scores. Monarchs can also occupy the City of Throne and Temples on the enemy server to earn additional Scores.

It is noteworthy that by doing these activities, you may complete Moment of Glory quests.

However, it is possible that these activities are not related to the Moment of Glory quests, which means that you will have to complete additional activities on the opponent’s server to earn rewards.

Moment of Glory missions

There are numerous Moment of Glory missions to complete during the Server War. For every mission completed, you will earn valuable rewards:

Quest Rewards
Log in during Server War
  • 20 Source of Life
Complete 8 event quests
  • 4000 Gems
  • 100 3-hour Speed Ups
  • 25 Source of Life
  • 150 Runestone Chests
  • 10 Blood of Ares
Visit Fire Spirit on enemy Server 10 times
  • 10 Source of Life
Kill level 5 or higher Boss Monsters on enemy Server for 11 times
  • 5 Source of Life
Kill 50000 troop of enemy Server players
  • 5 Source of Life
Occupy any Temple of enemy server for 600 seconds
  • 25 Source of Life
Defeat level 20 or higher Player Cities of enemy server 1 time
  • 5 Source of Life

Server War requirements

In order to participate in the Server War, your Server has to meet certain requirements. Only servers that are older than 60 days and have had the first King can participate in the Server War.

Furthermore, only players whose Keeps reach level 7 can use the Server Teleporter to teleport to a random spot on the enemy server.

The Evony system will give free Server Teleporters to everyone at the beginning of each Server War. Servers and Monarchs who do not meet these requirements will not be able to complete the Moment of Glory quests and earn rewards.

When does the Moment of Glory conclude?

According to the in-game description of the Moment of Glory event, it will conclude in 3 days, which means that you have until Thursday, 25 January 2024 to complete the quests to earn rewards.

That being said, the Server War event may have already concluded for your server, which means that you cannot complete the Moment of Glory quests.

If your Server War is still active, you can still complete the quests and earn the rich rewards as the Moment of Glory event is still active. If your Server War has already concluded, it will return to Evony in approximately 11 days.

Keep in mind, though, that it is unknown whether the Moment of Glory event will return to Evony when the Server War is active or not.

Glory Package

While the Moment of Glory event is active, you can purchase the Glory Package for approximately $11.28.

Purchasing the pack is not mandatory, however, it consists of valuable items that can help you complete the Moment of Glory quests. The table below lists the pack’s contents:

Item Quantity
5 000 Gems 12
Source of Life 300
Super Attack Increase ( 10 minutes) 1
Super Defense Increase (10 minutes) 1
Super HP Increase (10 minutes) 1
Senior March Size Increases 1
Advance Troop March Speedup 20
3 Hour Speed Up 100
3 Hour Speedup for Healing 100
500 000 Food Box 120
500 000 Lumber Box 120
500 000 Stone Box 120
500 000 Ore Box 120
Advanced City Teleporter 10
2 000 Monarch Experience Points 60
2 000 General Experience Points 60

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