Evony: Mihai

One of the Generals that players can recruit in Evony is Mihai, who was a prominent ruler in Europe in the 16th century.

Evony: The King’s Return is a thrilling video game which enables players to build an empire from scratch.

To expand your empire, you have to train troops, slay monsters on the world map, defeat other players, harvest resources and construct buildings. To assist you with these tasks, you can procure Generals, one of which is Mihai.

General statistics

There are numerous Generals in Evony, each of which specializes in a specific activity. Although there are different Generals, every General has the same statistics, but the quantity of their statistics differ.

These 4 statistics reflect how good the Generals are at certain things and therefore, so they have a direct influence on your gameplay. The following table lists and describes a General’s statistics:

Statistic Description
Leadership Increases sub-city training speed, troop health points and march speed.
Attack This statistic increases your troops’ attack.
Defense Increases your troops’ defense.
Politics It increases sub-city construction and gold production speed, resource gathering speed and troop death to wounded rate.


You can recruit countless Generals in Evony, but players should remember that every General specializes in a specific activity. One of the Generals that you can procure is Mihai, who was a prominent ruler in Europe in the 16th century.

He is considered one of Romania’s greatest national heroes and players can now add him to their collection. Mihai statistics feature a base rate and a growth rate.

When you recruit him, his statistics will be the base rate, but if you increase Mihai’s level, his statistics will increase by the mentioned growth amount.

Evony: Mihai
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Mihai’s base statistics and growth rates are as follows:

Statistic Base rate Growth rate
Leadership 118 8.82 percent
Defense 117 8.87 percent
Attack 120 9.05 percent
Politics 106 8.69 percent

You can increase Mihai’s growth rate by increasing his level and completing the enhancement and cultivation process.

His level can be increased by killing troops, vanquishing monsters on the world map, attacking sub-cites and applying General XP items to him.

Cultivation is the process of using Gold and Gems to increase Mihai’s statistics with a bonus amount. Players should remember that every statistic can be increased by an additional 500 points through this process.

Keep in mind that you can use Gold to increase the statistics by 300 points, however, to increase the statistics even more, you must use Gems.

Enhancing, on the other hand, is increasing Mihai’s Star level, but you need Gold and Medals to do this.

Mihai’s abilities

Similarly to other Generals in Evony, Mihai has several abilities that you can use to destroy enemies. Mihai’s abilities and a description of each are outlined below:

Ability Description
Ranged Troop Assault
  • Ranged troop attack is increased by 10 percent
  • Ranged troop health points are increased by 10 percent
  • Ranged troop and siege machine attack are increased by 10 percent
Ranged Troop Ares
  • Ranged troop attack is increased by 10 percent
  • Ranged Troop Health Points are increased by 10 percent
  • Ranged troop defense is increased by 10 percent
Romanian Ruler
  • Ranged troop attack is increased by 35 percent
  • Ranged troop defense is increased by 40 percent

Additionally, Mihai also has a speciality known as Battle of Selimbar. This skill increases ranged troops’ attack by 45 percent.

It also increases ranged troop and siege machine’s defenses by 45 percent when he is leading the army to attack.

Mihai’s activity

To ensure that Mihai performs well, you should use him for the right activities. We recommend that you use him for March and Rally, but you can also pair him with an Assistant General.

The Generals that you can pair him with are:

Pair category Generals
Pairs possible
Pairs impossible

If you use Mihai with an Assistant General, we recommend that you use Ranged Attack, Defense and Health Point skill books. But keep the following in mind:

  • When using Minamoto, you cannot apply an Attack skill book
  • When using Elektra, the Attack skill book must be applied to Elektra
  • When using Edward III, the Defense skill book must be assigned to Edward III.

How to acquire Mihai

To obtain Mihai, you have to participate in the Historic General Summoning event. During this event, you have to Use Epic Historic General (Glory) to summon an Epic Historic General.

If you do not get Mihai after summoning 5 times, he is guaranteed within the next summoning.

Keep in mind, however, that Mihai’s drop rate is increased while the event is active. Evony players can procure Epic Historic General (Glory) by purchasing tier 5 Event Packages.

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