Evony: Mason Weaver

Mason Weaver is a limited time General in Evony: The King’s Return and you can only acquire her by making wishes with Truth Pictures.

In this strategic mobile game, Evony: The King’s Return, you can assume the role of a lady or a lord in medieval times.

It is up to you to construct your keep from scratch while defeating enemies and harvesting resources. To aid you in your missions, you can collect Generals, one of which is Mason Weaver.

Why are Generals crucial?

Generals may seem like a simple feature of the game to some, but they are a vital component of Evony. This is because players use Generals in everything they do in the game, including researching, crafting, building, and fighting.

The better the General is, the more effectively they will function in their roles. Some Generals specialise in a specific task. For instance, Belisarius is an expert at gathering resources or getting additional items from monsters.

Therefore, you should use him when you are attempting to defeat enemies and harvesting resources, but you should not use Belisarius when you are planning to attack another player’s keep.

Evony: Mason Weaver

Evony occasionally hosts events in which gamers have to complete specific tasks or obtain certain items to earn rewards. During the Truth Seeker event, players have a chance to get the Epic Historic General, Mason Weaver.

Evony: Mason Weaver
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It is worth noting that you have to use Truth Pictures to wish for Mason Weaver. This means that you have to procure Truth Pictures from Resource spots, Monsters, and special packages. Truth Pictures will disappear after the event ends

Once you have acquired Truth Pictures, you can make a wish. Players have a chance of getting Mason Weaver, however, they also have a chance of acquiring various other items. If you do not obtain Mason Weaver after 240 wishes, she is guaranteed in the next wish.

Similarly to other Generals, Mason Weaver has several statistics, each of which affect your gameplay uniquely. Mason Weaver’s base and growth statistics are listed in the table below:

Statistic Base Growth
Leadership 111 8.93 percent
Defence 123 9.05 percent
Attack 118 8.74 percent
Politics 106 8.67 percent

Mason Weaver has several skills with which she can buff her troops. The following table outlines Mason Weaver’s skills and provides a description of each:

Skill Description
Ranged Troop Assault Ranged troop attack and ranged troop health points are increased by 10 percent
Bash Ranged troop and siege machine attack are increased by 10 percent
Ranged Troop Ares Ranged troop attack, health points, and defence are increased by 10 percent
Anti-war Photographer Ranged troop and siege machine attacks are increased by 30 percent

What is Mason Weaver’s special skill?

In addition to her normal skills, Mason Weaver possesses a special skill which is known as Friend of Kong. This skill increases ranged troops and siege machines’ attack when she is leading the army.

Moreover, the skill increases ranged troops and siege machines’ health and defence by 25 percent when Mason defeats any dragon or Spiritual Beast.

If you are considering Mason’s skills, it is advisable that you use Mason Weaver when you are using ranged or siege machine troops to attack monsters or other players. On the flip side you should not use Mason Weaver when you are gathering resources.

How to get Truth Pictures

If you want to wish for Mason Weaver, you have to get Truth Pictures. There are several methods by which you can acquire Truth Pictures, however, some of them require real-life money.

Evony players can purchase a Truth Picture Package for approximately $5.76. If you purchase this package, you will receive 25 000 Gems, 2 Truth Pictures, and 2 Blood of Ares.

If you do not want to spend real money, you can harvest resources to acquire up to 2 Truth Pictures daily. Moreover, you can defeat monsters on the world map to receive up to 4 Truth Pictures daily.

Boosting Mason Weaver’s abilities and statistics

Once you have Mason Weaver, you can increase her level and start the cultivation process to boost her abilities and star level. Every time you increase her level, her statistics increase. The quantity by which it increases is equal to the stats growth rate.

The growth rate can be further increased by enhancing your General. Generals can be levelled up to the same level as your monarch level.

You can collect General experience points by killing enemy troops, killing monsters, attacking Subordinate Cities, and getting General experience point items.

Cultivating, on the other hand, is the process of spending gold and gems to increase Mason’s status by a bonus amount. Each statistic can be increased by an additional 500 points with this process.

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