Evony: Lunar Sight Buff

There is a 10 percent chance that monarchs who defeat Shadow of Dawn enemies on Evony’s world map will receive the Lunar Sight Buff.

Evony regularly hosts in-game events that require that players complete unique objectives and earn rich rewards.

If you participate in the Clash of Civilizations event, however, you will not only receive valuable items, but you will also receive unique buffs.

One of these buffs is the Lunar Sight buff and it grants you a 300 percent increase in attack, defense and health points when defending. It is noteworthy that you can only send out one army at a time while the buff is effective.

Evony: Lunar Sight Buff
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In simple terms it means that after sending out an army, you have to wait for their return before you can send out another army.

Monarchs can deactivate the buff whenever they want to and if they deactivate it, you will be able to send out more than 1 army at a time.

To cancel the Lunar Sight buff, you can click on the buff and select the “Cancel Buff’ option. Keep in mind, however, that if you cancel the buff, you need to procure it again to benefit from its effects.

The buff is consumed after each defense and it can be stacked up to 9 times. If you have the buff, you will be able to see the current amount of the buff on the right side of your screen.

In order to acquire the buff, you have to vanquish a Shadow of Dawn monster or boss, but there only a 10 percent chance that you will receive the buff.

This means that you may have to defeat several Shadow of Dawn monsters or bosses to get the buff.

Additional Buffs

In addition to the Lunar Sight Buff, players could also get the Solar Sight buff and the Auxiliary Buff. Since these buffs have unique effects on your army, it is important that you understand how they function:

Buff Description
Solar Sight buff The Solar buff increases your attack, health points and defense by 300 percent when you attack. Only one army can be sent out while this buff is effective though, and it is also consumed after each attack on any of the Order of Dawn buildings or on players. This buff can also be deactivated when you need to send out more than 1 army, but you will need to defeat an enemy to procure it again.
Auxiliary Buff Monarchs will receive the Auxiliary Buff at regular intervals while they are on the battlefield. After getting this buff, you will receive troops in a certain proportion based on your current troop amount. The proportion is based on your Server battlefield ranking at the time of buff receipt.

Shadow of Dawn monsters and bosses

In order to get the Lunar Sight Buff, you need to destroy Shadow of Dawn monsters and bosses.

At the time of writing, it is unknown whether or not you will be able to find these enemies on the map as the Clash of Civilizations – Assault event has concluded.

That being said, the Clash of Civilizations event is still active, which means that there may be a chance that you will still encounter the bosses and monsters.

The Shadow of Dawn enemies’ levels range from levels 1 to 10, however, they are quite easy to defeat.

The Shadow of Dawn monsters are much more difficult to defeat though, and they should only be attacked by extremely strong troops and Generals.


Players can get additional buffs by occupying a variety of buildings on the battlefield. The following table lists the buildings you can occupy:

Building Description
Dawn Temple Completely destroying this building, it will heal 30 percent of the server’s wounded troops. It will also increase the entire server’s attack, defense and health points by 150 percent each.
Dawn Sanctuary When you destroy the Dawn Sanctuary, 20 percent of the server’s wounded troops will be healed. You will also benefit from a 100 percent increase in attack, defense and health points.
Solar Eclipse Stronghold Monarchs who completely destroy this building will increase the March Size by 150 percent for 10 minutes.
Lunar Eclipse Stronghold Destroying this building will increase the Rally Capacity by 50 percent

Is the Lunar Sight buff permanent?

Unfortunately, the Lunar Sight buff is an event-based bonus, which means that when the event concludes, the buff will be removed from Evony.

Currently, it is undetermined whether or not the event and the buffs will return to the game in the future. We therefore recommend that you use this buff to your advantage to collect as many rewards as possible.

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