Evony: Ludwig

Ludwig is a new Historic General in Evony: The King’s Return, and it is advisable that you use him when attacking with ground troops.

Evony: The King’s Return is an explorative mobile game in which gamers can build an empire from scratch. To aid you in your adventure, you can recruit a range of Generals, each of which has a specific objective in the game.

One of the Generals that you can recruit is Ludwig, who is the 33rd Commander of North Ocean Principality.

Why are Generals important?

Although to some, Generals may seem like a simple feature of Evony, they are a vital component of the game. This is because players use them in everything they do. This includes fighting, crafting, constructing, and researching.

The better the General is, the more effective they will be in their roles. Certain Generals are specialists at a specific task.

For instance, Simeon the Great is regarded as one of the best Generals for leading a Ranged player-versus-player attack, and therefore, he should not be used when attacking with ground troops.

It is vital that you know what your General’s specialisations are before using them to attack an enemy or harvest resources.

Evony: Ludwig

One of the Generals in Evony is Ludwig, however, he cannot be acquired like the other Generals in the game. Instead of opening the Tavern and recruiting Ludwig there, you have to open your “Event Center” tab.

Here, you have to search for the Historic General Summoning event, which allows you to summon Ludwig. The summoned General will be directly added to your General List.

Evony: Ludwig
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During the event, if you do not get the latest-released General after summoning 5 times, the General is guaranteed the next time thar you summon.

In order to perform a summon, you need to get the Epic Historic General (Glory) item. To get this item, players can click on the plus sign at the top of the menu.

This will take you to the Anniversary Sale menu. The official description reveals that during the event time, 5 package tiers include massive resources and Subordinate City Clues in them every day.

There is also a chance that you could receive the new Epic Historic General Ludwig from the fifth tier packages, as well as level 7 Premium Gear Chests.

It is important to keep in mind that this package can only be purchased with real-life money At the moment of writing this, this pack costs approximately $5.59. After purchasing the package, you can perform a summon on Ludwig.

Evony: Ludwig
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The chance of getting Ludwig is increased by 600 percent during the event, which will conclude in the middle of December 2022.

How to purchase an Anniversary Sale package

If you are interested in purchasing an Anniversary Sale package, you have to open the corresponding menu. Click on the “Anniversary Sale” icon, which is in the upper right corner of the game.

When you are in the menu, you can click on the “Buy” tab, which will open the Google Play Store menu. Players then have to follow the given instructions to complete the purchase.

Ludwig’s statistics

Similarly to other Generals, Ludwig has numerous statistics, which can influence your gameplay. The following table lists Ludwig’s base statistics, as well as his growth statistics:

Statistic Base Growth
Politics 101 Increased by 8.51
Attack 123 Increased by 8.99
Defence 121 Increased by 9.06
Leadership 117 Increased by 8.82

In order to improve Ludwig’s statistics, you have to increase his level by accumulating General experience points. The statistics can also be improved by enhancing and cultivating Ludwig.

Ludwig’s skills

Every General in Evony has a special ability and Ludwig is no different. His special ability, North Frostwolf, increases ground troops’ attack by 15 percent when he is leading the attack.

It also increases ground troops’ attack, defence, and health points by 25 percent when Ludwig includes any dragon in the attack.

In addition to his main skill, Ludwig possesses these abilities:

Skill Description
Ground Troop Formation It increases ground troop attack and defence by 10 percent
Annihilation This skill increases march size capacity by 6 percent, while attacking mounted troop and ground troop attack is increased by 10 percent
Ground Troop Ares It increases ground troop attack, health points, and defence by 10 percent
Principality Commander This skill increases ground troop attack by 30 percent. It also increases ground troop health points and defence by 25 percent

It is clear that you should use Ludwig when you are attacking an enemy or another player with ground troops.

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