Evony: Kong Trials

In Evony’s Kong Trials, players have to answer a set number of questions in order to share gems with friends and Alliance members.

Gamers can take on the role of a lord or lady during medieval times in this adventurous video game, Evony: The King’s Return.

You have to complete quests, vanquish monsters, construct buildings, train troops and harvest resources to expand your fleet. You can also participate in in-game events, such as Kong Trials.

Evony: Kong Trials

One of the events players can enjoy in Evony is Kong’s Trials, but you should bear in mind that it will come to an end on Tuesday, 20 June 2023.

While it is active, players can participate in the Holy Trials, which are divided into 2 types: Junior Trials and Senior Trials.

All Evony players can participate in the event once daily during the trial open time. There are approximately 10 questions in the Junior Trial, which does not feature a time limit. When you have answered 6 questions correctly, you qualify for the Senior Trial.

If you answer 9 questions correctly in the Junior Trial, you will be rewarded with a Trial Revival Scroll. If you are struggling to answer a question, you can ask your Alliance members for help in the Alliance Chat 5 times a day.

Evony: Kong Trials
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Senior Trial

The Senior Trial has 15 questions, however, you will now only have a specific amount of time to answer the questions.

If you don’t answer the question in time, this will be considered an incorrect answer. Unlike in the Junior Trial, you will be eliminated if you get an answer wrong.

If you are eliminated, you will get your accumulated rewards, but you cannot share Gems.

If you have a Trial Revival Scroll, it will be consumed automatically, and the answer will be considered correctly. If you answer all 15 questions correctly, your Alliance members will receive a gift.

How to share Gems

The objective of Kong’s Trials is to share Gems with your friends and Alliance Members. However, you can only share Gems if you have answered all 15 questions correctly. Although this may seem like an easy task, it can be difficult to achieve.

The questions in the Trials range from questioning the skin color of polar bears to what object Kong threw at the first helicopter on the Skull Island Expedition.

You therefore need to have great general knowledge to answer all the questions correctly to share gems.

Answer examples

The exact question formations are unknown, but you can use the following list to answer some of the questions:

  • You cannot expand territory as a policy option with sub-cities
  • There are 20 (twenty) number 1s written between 1 and 99
  • Patrolling can be done only on the wall
  • The skin of polar bears is jet black
  • A chess board has 32 pieces
  • The inventor of air-conditioning came from America

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