Evony: Kong Spiritual Beast

Evony recently announced that players can acquire a new Spiritual Beast known as Kong in exchange for 400 Spiritual Beast Scales.

In this explorative game, Evony: The King’s Return, gamers can build an empire from scratch in medieval times. There are numerous activities that you can enjoy, including defeating enemies, harvesting resources, and recruiting Generals.

Occasionally, you can enjoy in-game events, such as the Guardian of Skull Island event. During this event, you can recruit Kong – a spiritual beast.

Guardian of Skull Island

Guardian of Skull Island is a limited-time event that invites players to procure a new Spiritual Beast known as Kong. In-game events usually motivate players to reopen and play Evony if they were neglecting the game for some time previously.

Most games have themes that correspond to real-life features and events. In this case, the event is based on the classic King Kong movie. Most of the items that you can acquire during the event can only be obtained while the event is active.

It is therefore recommended that you try to participate in all in-game events, however, this is not always possible.

Evony: Kong Spiritual Beast

Spiritual Beasts are a unique type of troop that will fight alongside your Generals on the battlefield. Every Spiritual Beast has unique statistics and has the ability to improve your General’s buffs, skills, and statistics.

Evony: Kong Spiritual Beast
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Evony recently announced that players can procure a new Spiritual Beast, Kong, during the Guardian of Skull Island event.

It is currently unconfirmed whether Kong will be added to Evony permanently once the event concludes or not. Players should thus attempt to acquire Kong while the event is active.

In order to unlock Kong, you have to procure Spiritual Beast Scales. Players have a chance of receiving Spiritual Beast Scales from killing boss monsters, which can be found on the world map.

However, if you are not interested in farming the scales, you can purchase the Spiritual Beast Scale box to receive items.

Once you have collected 400 Spiritual Beast Scales, you can get Kong. To do this, you have to open the Valuable Event page and scroll the list until you find Guardian of Skull Island event.

In the new menu, you will find 2 tabs: “Spiritual Beast Package” and “Redeem Spiritual Beast”

In the “Redeem Spiritual Beast” menu, you can unlock Kong. Similarly to other Spiritual Beasts in Evony, Kong has unique effects. At level 20, he has the following effects:

Description Effect
Marching ranged troop attack Increased by 104 percent
Attacking ranged troop and siege machine health points Increased by 104 percent
Enemy Mounted Troop Defence Decreased by 52 percent
March size capacity Increased by 26 percent

Spiritual Beast Scale Package

If you are interested in purchasing the Spiritual Beast Scale Package, you should keep in mind that it is undetermined how many scales you will receive. The box costs approximately $11.77.

In addition to receiving Spiritual Beast Scales, you will also receive the following:

Item Quantity
Resource Boxes 200
10 million Gold 25
10 000 Spiritual Beast Experience Points 50
5000 Spiritual Beast Experience Points 50
5000 Gems 10
5000 Monarch Experience Points 80
5000 General Experience Points 80

To purchase this package, you have to go to the Spiritual Beast Package in the Guardian of Skull Island menu. After selecting your purchase option, Evony players must follow the given instructions to complete the payment.

Where to keep Kong

Before you can get Kong, you have to construct and upgrade a Pasture. That being said, this building can only be constructed when your Keep has reached level 21. This means that it can take some time before you can construct a Pasture and store your Spiritual Beasts.

If you are yet to reach level 21 or yet to construct a Pasture, you can still unlock Kong. Players can purchase the Soul of Kong and keep it in their inventory until they meet the requirements. Once you have a Pasture, you can click on “Soul of Kong” to unlock the Spiritual Beast.

How to assign Kong to a General

As previously stated, Kong can increase your General’s statistics and buffs, but he first has to be assigned to a specific General.

As can be seen in the table above, Kong has effects on ranged troops and siege machines and therefore, you should assign him to a General with similar specifications.

To assign Kong to a General, open the General’s detail screen and click on the dragon symbol in the upper left corner. After clicking on the icon, you can select Kong to complete the process. If you want to unassign Kong, you can simply follow the same process.

Bear in mind that once Kong is unassigned, he cannot be assigned to another General for a period of 1 hour.

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