Evony: Keep 45

Keep 45 was recently implemented in Evony and it introduces a range of new aspects to the game along with several adjustments.

Gamers can build a kingdom from scratch in this exhilarating video game, Evony: The King’s Return.

Although the game is more than 10 years old, it still receives regular updates to ensure that players have the best gaming experience.

Evony’s developers recently announced Keep 45, which introduces numerous changes and features to the game.

Evony: Keep 45

All video games receive regular updates to introduce new features to the game and to resolve known bugs.

Evony’s update comes in the form of Keeps, which suits the game’s theme perfectly. On Tuesday, 20 June 2023, players were met with an in-game announcement that the game has been updated.

Evony: Keep 45
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The developers intend to add and adjust various features with the release of version 4.50.0. The most notable change is the increased building level cap.

Level 45 buildings officially launched after the version update. If you upgrade your city buildings, you will own an even broader and more advanced city.

Furthermore, players can now build 2 new buildings if they meet specific requirements. Players level 12 and higher can construct the Ideal Land building and players level 32 and higher can build the Council of State.

Building the Council of State will allow you to manage your political and military affairs from your city, which is a crucial step in the Kingdom’s Military-Political Governance system.

Moreover, you have to appoint Historic Generals to military titles and positions to get bonuses.

Spiritual Beast Seal and Dragon level

Keep 45 also revealed that after reaching a specific level – the Siren, Nine-tailed Fox and the Pegasus Spiritual Beasts will unlock the Spiritual Beast Seal feature.

Every Seal that you unlock contains unique attributes. Players can upgrade their seals to unlock Innate Skills and activate additional effects of Innate Skills determined by the total level of seals.

Moreover, you can now increase your Dragons’ talents to a higher level to get higher attribute bonuses. Although it is a small adjustment, it will make a great difference on the battlefield.

New resources and monsters

All Evony players know the time and effort that it takes to harvest resources. Fortunately, you can now find richer Resource Spots on the world map. This essentially means that players can gather more resources than normal.

As you explore the world map, you may come across new monsters if  your server has completed the Beast Tide quest.

These monsters are extremely difficult to defeat and only players who are confident in their abilities should attempt to vanquish them.


You can now research new features in your Academy. Players can research Melee and Long Range Formations to further improve the military level of the city, while researching the Defense Advance node will increase your city’s defense level.

Evony players should note that researching requires specific quantities of materials.

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