Evony: K45 Update

Evony recently announced update K45, which introduces exciting new features and implements several changes to the game, however, players are dissatisfied.

Evony: The King’s Return is an exciting mobile game that invites players to assume the role of a lord or lady in medieval times.

You have to expand your empire by constructing buildings, training troops, vanquishing enemies and harvesting resources. Evony recently released update K45, which introduces several new features to the game.

Evony: K45 Update

Evony intends to add, or adjust, some features with the release of version 4.50.0. This version includes Level 45 buildings, new buildings, optimized events and gameplay.

Evony: K45 Update
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The following table describes the highlights of the update:

Aspect Description
Establishing Kingdom Military-Political Governance
  • Increasing building level cap. Players can now enjoy level 45 buildings
  • New Building: Council of State, which manages the city’s military and political affairs
  • Powerful level 16 troops
  • You can now enjoy 2 additional Sub City slots
Restoring the Glory of Civilization
  • You can clear the Ancient Ruins and rebuild them in your preferred style
  • You can acquire civilization buildings by participating in events
Technological and Academic Innovation
  • Players can research new melee formations and long range formations to improve the military level of the city
  • Research Defense Advance to improve your defenses
  • You can now build higher-level traps
Awakening the Power of Spiritual Beasts
  • After reaching a specific level, some spiritual beasts unlock the Spiritual Beast Seal feature, which provides unique attributes.
  • You can increase Dragons’ talent to a higher level to gain higher attribute bonuses.

Event optimization

To enhance your Evony experience, the update comprehensively improves the rewards from in-game events.

Players must participate in the game’s daily and limited events to earn more generous rewards. You can also enjoy the following:

  • The value of most packages will be significantly increased
  • After the version update, most rewards from monsters, battlefields, regular events and holiday events will increase
  • The number of Gruda that you can summon on the map and the rewards will be improved.
  • The update introduced a hard mode to the undead invasion event. Although it is more challenging, you can earn more scores and rewards from it.

New content

As you explore the world map, you may come across new resource spots. These new resource spots allow players to gather more resources than a normal resource tide. Furthermore, you may also encounter new boss monsters.

You have to vanquish a new boss monster on the map to earn generous rewards. That being said, you will only find the boss monsters when you have completed the Poem of History quest, Beast Tide.

Thoughts on K45 Update

After the K45 announcement, players have shared their opinions about the update on social media.

On a Reddit forum, one player said, “I believe this new update and level cap raise will kill the game. So many big spenders are already quitting. This will mark the end for many I believe.”

Another claimed to have left his Alliance and uninstalled Evony after reading the K45 announcement. Although Evony was excited to share the update, most players are disappointed by the news.

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