Evony: Journey to Glory

Players can earn great rewards by participating in Journey to Glory event in Evony, for which you first have to acquire Knight Coins.

Evony: The King’s Return is an exciting mobile game that invites gamers to assume the role of a lord or lady in medieval times. the game is based on the well-renowned video game, Evony, and therefore, you are likely to experience the same gameplay and dynamics in both games.

It is your responsibility to build an empire while defending your keep from attacks. In addition to completing quests, you can harvest resources, defeat enemies, explore relics, and participate in occasional events.

There are different events that you can enjoy, including the Revelation of Maya, Kong’s Adventure, and Undead Invasion, amongst others. Players can also participate in Valuable Events, such as the Journey to Glory.

Events in Evony

During an in-game event, you can experience Evony in a new, thrilling way for a limited period of time. These occasional events often motivate players to reopen and play a game that they may have neglected for some time.

When an event is active, you have to complete specific activities, missions, and objectives to be rewarded with valuable items.

Sometimes, the items that you receive during an event can only be acquired from that specific event. Hence, you should attempt to participate in every event, although it is not always possible.

Events occasionally have themes that correspond to real-life events, like Christmas or Halloween. Moreover, games also create their own themes to promote their in-game events.

Evony: Journey to Glory

Journey to Glory is a Valuable Event, and therefore, you will not find it with the other in-game events. Instead, you have to open the “Valuable Event” tab, which is situated at the bottom of Evony’s main menu.

In the Valuable Event tab, you will find a list of events that you have to scroll through to find the Journey to Glory tab. After clicking on it, a spinning wheel with several rewards will appear.

Evony: Journey to Glory
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Players can use Knight Coins in the Journey to Glory event to get rewards. The rewards are offered in limited quantities and there are 8 kinds of common rewards. However, there is a possibility that you could receive 4 kinds of limited rewards.

When you get all 4 kinds, you will receive all remaining rewards in the currency round of the event without spinning.

The probability of gaining rewards decreases with the reduction of its remaining quantity. At the same time, the probability of gaining other rewards increases.

Once the event concludes, your remaining Knight Coins will transform into Knight Chests, which you can open to receive resources, speedups, and gold, among other things.

If you do not get any limited rewards after spinning a specific number of times, the limited reward is guaranteed within the next few spins. But, if you do not get the first limited reward after spinning 40 times, it is guaranteed the next time that you spin.

If players do not get the second limited reward after 110 spins, you are guaranteed a limited reward. If you have spun 250 times and have not received your third limited reward, it is guaranteed to drop the next time that you spin.

Lastly, if you did not get the fourth limited reward after spinning 480 times, you are guaranteed to get it the next time that you spin.

What are your chances of spinning specific items?

There are numerous items that you can procure by spinning in the Journey to Glory event, and each item has a specific probability percentage. Some of the items that you can acquire as well as the chances you have are:

Items Probability
1000 x Blood of Ares 0.2 percent
3 x Blood of Ares 19.8 percent
1 Super Resource Chest 31.7 percent
150 x Blood of Ares 0.2 percent
2 x 100 000 000 Gold 9.9 percent
12 x Dragon Source Fragments 6 percent
25 x 3 hour Speedups 9.9 percent
100 x Refining Stone 6 percent

How to acquire Knight Coins

In order to participate in Journey to Glory, you need to acquire Knight Coins. The table below lists methods that you can use to obtain the coins:

Method Description
Monster Killing Defeat Boss Monsters that are level 11 or higher and Event Monsters that are level 3 or higher to get up to 40 Knight Coins daily
Resource Gathering Gather Resource Spots level 13 or higher to earn up to 10 Knight Coins daily
Package Purchase Players can purchase packages to earn massive quantities of Knight Coins

When is Journey to Glory active?

The Journey to Glory event is not permanently active. The event will be active on 12-13 November 2022. Since there is no event schedule for Evony, it is unknown when the Journey to Glory event will become active again.

It is thus recommended that you keep an eye on the Valuable Event tab to see when it is active.

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