Evony: Jawzahr

Jawzahr is a new Dragon that players can acquire in Evony, however, your Pasture has to be at least level 26 before you can unlock him.

Evony: The King’s Return is an adventurous role-playing game that invites you to build your own empire from scratch. As the lady or lord of a keep in the medieval era, you have to construct buildings, defeat enemies, harvest resources, and complete quests to collect rewards.

Although these activities are quite enjoyable, it is advisable that you focus on completing your quests. This is because the quests function as a guide to the game. One of the objectives that you should focus on is to increase your keep level.

Once your keep reaches level 21, you will be able to construct a pasture which holds dragons. Evony recently introduced a new dragon named Jawzahr that you can collect.

Pasture in Evony

The Pasture is one of the many buildings that you can construct within your keep. However, it only unlocks when your keep reaches level 21.

The building enables you to foster Spiritual Beasts and Dragons. Once you have a Spiritual Beast or a Dragon, you can equip it to one of your Generals to get additional buffs.

Players can upgrade their Pasture to unlock additional Dragons and Spiritual Beasts. Bear in mind that upgrading any building in your keep requires resources. The upgrade time is determined by your Monarch gear and your construction research.

The better your gear is and the more research you have done in construction, the less time it will take to upgrade your Pasture.

Evony: Jawzahr

Evony occasionally introduces new content, events, and monsters to the game to keep players motivated to enjoy the game. They recently introduced a new dragon, Jawzahr, that players to collect.

Evony: Jawzahr
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Players are very excited for Jawzahr, as Evony has not released new Dragons for some time.

Before you can acquire Jawzahr, you have to ensure that your pasture is at least level 26.This is because you can only use the Jawzahr Dragon Pattern to unlock the dragon when you reach Pasture level 26.

If you have a level 26 Pasture, you have to use certain Frostwolf Gold Coins to redeem the Jawzahr Dragon Pattern in North Ocean Trading Company. The North Ocean Trading Company corresponds to one of the in-game events in Evony.

There will allegedly be a battlefield shop, or another in-game shop during the event that will allow you to trade Frostwolf Gold Coins for the Jawzahr Dragon Pattern.

Players will thus have a much easier time getting Jawzahr than getting other dragons. For instance, in order to acquire Nidhogg, your Alliance has to be one of the top ranked Alliances on the server. Moreover, you have to rank at a great position to unlock him.

It is therefore advised that you attempt to collect Jawzahr, as it is quite easy to procure him, and you will receive additional buffs.

Similarly to other Dragons and Spiritual Beasts, Jawzahr provides its General with specific buffs. When equipped to a General, you will receive a 6 percent increase in General Attack, General Politics, General Defence, and General Leadership.

Can Jawzahr’s level be increased?

When you first unlock Jawzahr in Evony, he will have a very low level, however, you can feed him to increase his experience points. Once he obtains enough experience points, he will gain a higher level, and therefore, offer your General better buffs.

You can offer your Dragon Refining Stones, Resources, Gold, Level 6 Materials, Source of Life, Badges, and Medals to gain experience points. The table below lists how many experience points you can gain by feeding him:

Item Number of experience points gained
2 million resources 1382 experience points
10 000 Gems 32 000 experience points
15 million Gold 57 600 experience points
8 Sources of Life 15 360 experience points
600 Medals 23 experience points

The more items you offer Jawzahr, the more experience points he will get.

Does Jawzahr have talents?

At the moment of writing, Jawzahr’s talents have yet to be announced. However, it is assumed that he will have 3 talents.

The first 2 talents are only effective for troops that are led by a General that is equipped with Jawzahr. The third talent is an active skill which can be used at will, but it is only active for a certain period of time.

This skill also has a cooldown period during which it cannot be used.

What is Jawzahr’s specialisation?

Jawzahr’s ability, Dance of Dragon Star, increases ranged troop attacks by 5 percent. However, if you increase Jawzahr’s level, he can increase the ranged troop attack and mounted troop attack by 10 percent.

It is thus rec that you equip Jawzahr on a General that specialises in Ranged or Mounted troops.

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