Evony: Imperial Gear

To craft the Imperial Gear set in Evony, you have to meet specific requirements and procure 25 Forge Master Certificates.

You can assume the role of a lord or lady during medieval times in this exhilarating video game, Evony: The King’s Return.

To progress in the game, you have to expand your empire, train troops, recruit Generals and harvest resources, among other things. You have to equip your Generals with powerful armor, such as the Imperial Gear set.

Evony: Imperial Gear

Crafting gear in Evony is crucial as it allows players to get the most out of their Generals. That being said, the equipment that you have to craft is determined by the General’s role, and not all Generals will be equipped with the same gear.

One of the gear sets that you can craft in Evony is the Imperial set, which requires a Forge level of 30 to unlock.

Players should remember that the Evony Equipment Upgrade function is used to craft the Imperial Set, however, you have to upgrade a piece of Ares Equipment to craft it.

Furthermore, you need to acquire 25 Forge Master Certificates if you are interested in crafting the Imperial Gear set.

In addition to these requirements, every item in the Imperial Gear set has further requirements that have to be met before you can craft them.

Evony: Imperial Gear
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Item requirements

In order to craft the entire Imperial Gear set, you must meet these item-specific requirements:

Equipment Building Tech
  • Not applicable
  • Majestic Imperial: Super in City Attack L3
  • Dominant Imperial: Adv in City Attack L3
  • Rally L32
  • Not applicable
  • Hospital L23
  • Not applicable
  • Pasture L32
  • Not applicable
  • Shrine L32
  • Not applicable
  • Archer L32
  • Not applicable
  • Stables L32
  • Not applicable
  • Workshop L32
  • Not applicable
  • Barracks L32
  • Not applicable

Imperial set effects

Once you have crafted the Imperial Gear set, you can equip it to one of your Generals to activate its buffs. These buffs include:

  • Attacking Troop’s Attack is increased by 18 percent
  • Ground and Mounted Troop Attack and Defense on Monsters are increased by 30 percent
  • March Size Capacity is increased by 12 percent.

How to acquire Forge Master Certificates

As previously explained, players have to obtain approximately 25 Forge Master Certificates to craft the Imperial Gear Set.

You can procure Forge Master Certificates by participating in the Gather Troops event and in the Viking Challenge event.

These events have unique objectives which have to be completed in order to earn rewards. Fortunately, both events occur regularly in Evony, which makes farming the Certificates easier.

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