Evony: Idunn General

Evony players are able to acquire Idunn for free by participating in the Light of Dawn Goddess event, which is part of the Clash of Civilizations event

One of the main aspects of Evony is procuring Generals and increasing their levels and their statistics to defeat enemies on the world map.

One of the Generals that players can collect is Idunn, who is the acting leader of Fortress Lothbrok. She is especially good at inspiring troops with speeches.

Previously, Monarchs were only able to acquire Idunn with real money, however, because of the Light of Dawn Goddess event, you can acquire her for free.

This event is linked to the Clash of Civilizations event, and it allows you to redeem items for rewards, including Decorations, numerous Generals and BOAs.

During the Light of Dawn Goddess event, you can procure Antique Crystals. By gathering resources on the world map, you can obtain 5 Antique Crystals a day, however, by defeating monsters, you can get up to 25 Antique Crystals daily.

Players are then able to exchange their Antique Crystals for numerous rewards, including Idunn. She is best used when you send your armies to reinforce and defend other Keeps or buildings with Ranged Troops.

Evony: Idunn General
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Her special skill makes her perfect for Alliance collaboration as she can help an ally defeat an enemy.

You can also use Idunn as a player-versus-player Ranged General to attack other players since she has a Ranged Attack Buff. That being said, there are other Generals who can fill this role better than Idunn.

However, if you do not have another PvP Ranged General, we recommend that you use Idunn as she has a variety of buffs that will help you in PvP battles.

Idunn’s abilities

Idunn has several abilities that can be used to destroy monsters on the world map and attack other players’ keeps. The table below lists her abilities with a description of each:

Skill Description
Ranged Troop Defense
  • Ranged Troop HP is increased by 10%
  • Ranged Troop Defense is increased by 10%
  • March Size Capacity is increased by 6%
  • Attacking Siege Machine and Ranged Troop Attack are increased by 10%
Ranged Troop Ares
  • Ranged Troop Attack is increased by 10%
  • Ranged Troop HP is increased by 10%
  • Ranged Troop Defense is increased by 10%
Love and Hatred
  • Outcity Defending Ranged Troop Attack is increased by 45%
  • Outcity Defending Ranged Troop Defense is increased by 45%
  • Outcity Defending Ranged Troop HP is increased by 50%

Idunn’s special skill

In addition to the skills mentioned in the table, Idunn also has a special skill, Golden Apple, which increases Ranged Troops and Siege Machine’s defense and Health Points by 35%.

Keep in mind, though, that this effect only activates when Idunn is leading the army to defend outside the Main City.

Golden Apple also increases Ranged Troops’ attack by 45% when Idunn is leading the army. By ascending Idunn, you will increase her star level, which will unlock additional effects for her special skill.

For instance, by unlocking star 1, she will increase Ranged Troop Defense and HP by 15%, however, when she is defending outside the main city, she increases Ranged Troop Attack by 10%.

Idunn’s statistics

Every General has 4 statistics that can be increased to enhance their capabilities. Evony players can increase Idunn’s statistics by increasing her level and going through the enhancing and the cultivation process.

The amount by which her statistics increase is equal her growth rate. The following table lists Idunn’s statistics and growth rate:

Statistic Base Rate Growth Rate
Politics 103 8.86%
Leadership 117 8.62%
Defense 120 8.96%
Attack 122 9.10%

Idunn’s builds

As previously mentioned, you can either use Idunn for Ranged PvP battles or for Ranged Defense. The equipment and skill books you should use, however, are determined by the build you select.

The recommended equipment and skill books for Idunn’s builds are as follows:

Build Skill Books Equipment Refines
Ranged Defense
  • Level 4 Ranged Troop Attack
  • Level 4 Ranged Troop HP
  • Level 4 Ranged Troop Range Bonus
  • Bow: Ranged Troop Attack
  • Armor: Ranged Troop Defense
  • Boots: Ranged Troop Defense
  • Helmet: Ranged Troop HP
  • Leg Armor: Ranged Troop HP
  • Ring: Ranged Troop Attack
Ranged PvP
  • Level 4 March Size
  • Level  4 Ranged Troop Bonus
  • Level 4 Ranged Troop Attack
  • Ring: Ranged Troop Attack
  • Leg Armor: Ranged Troop HP
  • Helmet: Ranged Troop HP
  • Boots: Ranged Troop Defense
  • Armor: Ranged Troop Defense
  • Bow: Ranged Troop Attack

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