Evony: Ideal Land

Evony players who have reached level 12 can transform an ancient ruin into a sanctuary in this fun new feature, Ideal Land.

This adventurous mobile game, Evony: The King’s Return invites gamers to build an empire from scratch. As the lord or lady of a keep, you have to recruit Generals, vanquish monsters, harvest resources and construct buildings.

The game recently announced K45, which introduces several new aspects to Evony, including Ideal Land.

Evony: Ideal Land

Players recently received an in-game announcement to celebrate the arrival of K45, which adds several new aspects and features to Evony. One of these new, exciting buildings is Ideal Land.

All players who have reached keep level 12 can find Ideal Land behind the fountain, which is to the left of your keep.

When you enter the Ideal Land for the first time, you will be informed that soldiers discovered a section of ruined walls while cultivating the land in the city.

It allegedly belonged to an ancient and glorious civilization, now it is up to you to restore the ancient civilization’s home by clearing the wrecks and rebuilding the ruins.

Evony players must then complete a short tutorial to learn the mechanics of the new feature.

As you progress in the tutorial, you will be rewarded. After completing the tutorial, you are free to transform the area however you would like to.

Evony: Ideal Land
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By selecting the “Construct’ icon,” which is on the left side of the screen, players can build various features.

You can construct basic infrastructure, including floor tiles, fences, roads, plants and magnificent ornaments, some of which provide attributes to characters.

Keep in mind that you have to remove the rubble before you can construct any ornaments or roads. For some of the larger buildings, you will have to ask your Alliance for help.

Players can find a “Help” option in the upper left corner of the game. In addition, you can also help other players up to 20 times a day.


In the bottom left corner, you will notice a “Top Charts” icon and if you click on it, you will see a leaderboard.

Your position on the leaderboard is determined by how many Prosperity Points you have. To acquire Prosperity Points, players must build Ornaments, which costs Gems.

Unfortunately, you will not receive any Prosperity Points for placing basic items in your Ideal Land. The leaderboard allows you to visit other players’ Ideal Lands, which can give you ideas for your own Ideal Land.

Upgrading Ideal Land

Similarly to other buildings in Evony, you can upgrade your Ideal Land. As you upgrade it, you will unlock additional buffs that will help you with construction and player-versus-player.

Keep in mind that you need a specific quantity of Prosperity Points to upgrade your Ideal Land to the following level. For example, you need 500 Prosperity Points to upgrade your Ideal Land to level 2.

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