Evony: Ideal Land main screen

Players can discover a new main menu in Evony’s Ideal Land, which enables you to construct buildings, check the leaderboard and store items.

You can build your own kingdom from scratch in this explorative video game, Evony The King’s Return. To ensure smooth gameplay, Evony’s developers regularly release updates.

Update K45 was recently announced, and it introduces several new features to Evony, such as the Ideal land, which features a main screen.

Evony: Ideal Land main screen

Players level 12 and higher can find the new Ideal Land building behind the statue, which is located to the left of their keep. Unfortunately, this building cannot be accessed by simply clicking on a tab on the game’s main screen.

You therefore have to click on the building itself to access its features. Once you are in Ideal Land, you will notice main screen options and several new tabs.

At the top of the screen, you can view how many resources you have, as well as your monarch’s profile and currencies.

In the bottom left corner, you will see the “Construct”, “Inventory” and “Top Charts” tabs. The “Construct” tab allows you to build items in your Ideal Land while   “Inventory” allows players to store items that they do not need at the time.

On the right side of the Ideal Land main screen, you will find the Event Center, Items and your Mail. Players can return to their Keep by clicking the Castle icon in the bottom left corner of the screen.

Evony: Ideal Land main screen
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How to remove rubble

Before you can transform the ruins into a sanctuary, you must remove all the rubble. This can be done by clicking on the rubble, which will trigger a shovel icon to spawn. If you select the shovel icon, it will remove the selected rubble.

For some of the larger buildings, you should ask your Alliance for help as you cannot remove them on your own.

Some buildings require the help of 10 players, while others only require the help of 5 . Once the building is removed, you can build any of the available items.


To transform the ruins into your personal sanctuary, select the Construct tab. In the new menu, you will find 2 categories, namely “Basic” and  ”Ornament”.

Most of the items in the basic category cost resources to build, such as food, iron, wood and stone.

Items in the ornament category require Gems – Evony’s premium currency. If you build ornaments, you can unlock various bonuses, which can  great influence your gameplay significantly.

Upgrading Ideal Land

If you click on Ideal Land on the main screen, you will be able to upgrade it. Players will receive additional bonuses as they upgrade their Ideal Land.

However, you have to meet specific requirements to upgrade your Ideal Land to the next level.

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  1. Everything is capped out already in ornament and I only have 450 prosperity points, I need 500 to upgrade and nothing I get from basic is giving my points.. how do i get the last 50 points ?


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