Evony: Ideal Land 500 points

It is currently impossible to procure 500 Prosperity Points in Evony’s Ideal Land and the developer has yet to address the issue.

Evony: The King’s Return is an explorative mobile game that enables you to build your own kingdom. You have to complete quests, construct buildings, defeat monsters and harvest resources to grow your empire.

One of the buildings that you can construct is Ideal Land, which uses a point system. Several players want to know how to acquire 500 points.

Evony: Ideal Land 500 points

Evony recently announced update 45, which introduces new features to the game. One of the game’s new buildings is Ideal Land. This building is behind the fountain, which is to the left of your keep.

It is crucial to note that only players who have reached level 12 can construct the building. Once you have built Ideal Land, you must remove the rubble to restore the ruins to its former glory.

As you purchase and place Ornaments in your Ideal Land, you will earn Prosperity Points.

Once you have enough points, you can upgrade your Ideal Land. To increase your building to level 2, players have to procure 500 points, but this is currently impossible.

This is because there is a limit on how many of each ornament you can place in your Ideal Land, and every Ornament gives you a certain number of points.

There is currently no known way to procure 500 points,hence, players cannot upgrade their Ideal Land.

How many Prosperity Points does each Ornament yield?

Each ornament that you purchase and place will yield a specific quantity of Prosperity Points:

Ornament Quantity Prosperity Points Price
Classical Flame Alter 10 100 100 000 Gems
Poseidon Lamppost 10 100 10 000 Gems
Dining Table 5 50 50 000 Gems
Gothic Column 10 100 200 000 Gems
Roman Column 10 100 100 000 Gems

If you build all the Ornaments listed in the table, you will only have 450 points. Unfortunately, you will not be allowed to purchase and place additional Ornaments though, as they have quantity limits.

Evony: Ideal Land 500 points
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Why should you upgrade your Ideal Building?

All players should attempt to acquire 500 Prosperity Points as you will then be able to increase your Ideal Land’s level.

Every time you upgrade this building, you will unlock buffs and bonuses. At level 1, you will benefit from a 2 percent increase for your Construction speed.

However, at level 4, you will receive a 17 percent increase in Construction speed while your troops’ health points, attack and defense will each be increased by 15 percent.

Will the issue be resolved?

Since all Evony players cannot procure 500 Prosperity Points, it is purportedly an in-game bug.

However the game’s developers have yet to acknowledge the problem. Until the problem is resolved, we recommend that you acquire the highest number of Prosperity Points as possible.

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