Evony: How to get revival stones

Evony: The King’s Return players can farm Revival Stones by defeating event monsters on the world map or by purchasing packages.

In this thrilling mobile game, Evony: The King’s Return, gamers can assume the role of a lord or lady in medieval times. You have to build an empire from scratch, recruit Generals, train troops, harvest resources, and defeat monsters.

You may lose Generals in battle but fortunately, you can revive them. Several players have wondered how they can acquire revival stones.

Why are Generals important in battle?

There are different rarities of Generals in Evony, each of which has a specific task in the game. One General may specialise in gathering resources, which means that his or her skills and abilities may increase the amount of resources you harvest.

Another General may specialise in battles. If you select the correct General when marching to a battle, you will get various buffs. It is thus crucial that you know what your Generals specialise in before you begin an activity in Evony.

If you select the wrong General for a battle, you might lose out on powerful buffs.

Evony: How to get revival stones

At one point or another in Evony, you will lose a General. If a player attacks a main city and wins, there is a chance that they could capture the main city’s defence General. However, if he loses, his leading General could be captured.

The attackers and defenders of the Keeps must both be level 15 to allow their Generals to be captured. A captured General will be imprisoned in the main city.

The capturer can choose to release or execute the General. If released, the General will return to the monarch.

However, if the General is executed, they will be left dead in the Shrine waiting to be revived. The Shrine is a building that you can find in your empire. If you click on the Shrine, you will find the “Save” option, which allows you to revive dead Generals.

Players can wait for the General to be revived, as a higher-levelled General requires more time to be revived. However, you can use a Revival Stone to instantly revive a General.

To use a Revival Stone, you can click on the “Revival Stone” option at the bottom of the screen to revive a General instantly.


It is crucial to note that you can only use a Revival Stone if you have collected one. Players can obtain Revival Stones by purchasing in-game packages. However, you can also procure them from level 4 Sphinx and king monsters when they spawn.

That being said, if you are not interested in farming Revival Stone packages, you can purchase 1 stone for approximately 1000 Gems.

What are Gems?

There are varying currencies in Evony, most which can be acquired by advancing in the game. Gems are the game’s premium currency, which means that players can purchase the currency with real-life money.

However, you will acquire small quantities of Gems as you play Evony. It is therefore not mandatory that you purchase Gems to progress in the game.  To buy more Gems, you generally have to purchase an in-game package, which contains several items.

The items in a package determine the package’s price – the more valuable the items are, the more expensive the package is.


On the world map in Evony you can discover numerous monsters. If you defeat these monsters, you will be rewarded with several items and resources. One of the monsters that you can defeat is the Sphinx, which is an event boss.

This means that the Sphinx will only spawn during a specific event. When the event is active, it is recommended that you defeat as many Sphinx bosses as possible. However, in order to farm Revival Stones in Evony, you have to defeat a level 4 Sphinx.

A level 4 Sphinx has approximately 147.5 million battle power. It is thus crucial that you send your strongest troops to vanquish it.

Evony: Sphinx boss
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How many troops do you need to defeat a monster

The number and tier of troops that you have to send are determined by the level of the monster and its battle power. If a monster has a high level, players have to send a high tier troop type. However, low-level monsters do not require many powerful troops.

The table below outlines some of the monsters that you can find on the world map and the recommended number of troops:

Monster Troop tier Troop type Number of troops
Level 1 Royal Thief Tier-10 Cavalry 150 000
Level 4 Lava Turtle Tier-12 Cavalry 708 200
Level 2 Witch Tier-12 Ranged 650 000
Level 3 Warlord Tier-13 Cavalry 900 000

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