Evony: How to get Fox Mask

Players can unlock the new Nine Tailed Fox Spiritual Beast in Evony by obtaining a Fox Mask, which can be purchased with 20 food stamps.

In this strategic mobile game, Evony: The King’s Return, gamers are invited to take on the role of a lady or a lord in medieval times. Since the game is based on the classic video game, Evony, you will probably experience the same gameplay and mechanics in both games.

Although the primary focus of the game is to build an empire from the ground up, players can enjoy an array of activities. You can defeat monsters, gather resources, complete quests, and construct buildings.

One of the buildings that you can construct is the pasture, which unlocks Spirit Beasts. There are numerous beasts you can use, one of which is Nine Tails, but you first have to obtain a Fox mask.

Spirit Beasts

Spiritual Beasts in The King’s Return are unique troops that can fight alongside your Generals. These beasts cannot die, so they function similarly to gears.

The beasts can be found in your pasture, which can only be unlocked when you reach level 21. To unlock beasts, you must increase your pasture level.

You can acquire numerous beasts, each of which provide you with different statistics. For instance, the Scorpion offers you range statistics, and it is useful when you use ranged troops.

Whereas the Bird of Hurricane gives your mounted troops and Generals additional statistics. It is recommended that you use the Spiritual Beast that corresponds with the troop type that you are using.

Evony: How to get Fox Mask

The King’s Return developers, Evony, occasionally introduces new content, activities, generals, and troops to keep players engaged in the game. They recently introduced the Nine Tailed Fox, which is a Spiritual Beast.

Evony: How to get Fox Mask
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Similarly to other Spiritual Beasts, the Nine Tailed Fox can increase your troops’ statistics. It increases your ranged troop and siege machine’s attack, but it also increases your march size capacity.

It also applies an enemy mounted troop health point debuff on your enemies. This means that the enemy’s mounted troops’ health will decrease when you use this Spiritual Beast.

It is thus recommended that you use the Nine Tailed Fox on a general that specialises in ranged combat. Players can also use it as a Subordinate City Spiritual Beast since it applies a debuff to enemies.

The Nine Tailed Fox is a useful beast, as it can be used as a de-buffer, a ranged attack increaser, as well as a siege machine attack increaser. Although it has various uses, most players use it as a Sub City de-buffer.

In order to unlock this Spirit Beast, you have to participate in the Summer Festival Night in-game event. During the event, you can procure food stamps. Allegedly, you can get 5 food stamps every day, but you have to ensure that you collect the food stamps daily.

This is because you need 20 food stamps to purchase the Fox Mask, which is needed to unlock the Nine Tailed Fox.

After purchasing the mask, you can open your pasture’s menu. In the new menu, you will find a list of available Spirit Beasts. You have to select the Nine Tailed Fox beast and select the activate button to unlock the beast.

Evony: How to get Fox Mask
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How to train the Nine Tailed Fox

Spirit Beasts can be cultivated in 2 ways, namely by increasing its level, and going through the smelting process.

In order to increase your Nine Tailed Fox’s level, players must acquire Spiritual Beast Experience Points. Smelting allows you to upgrade the beast’s quality using gems, medals, smelted items, and gold.

To level up the beast, open your pasture and select the Nine Tailed Fox. In its menu, you will be able to increase its level if you have enough experience points. Players can also discover how the beast’s statistics improve after its level has been increased.

How to obtain Spiritual Beast experience points

There are numerous methods that you can use to gain experience points for the Nine Tailed Fox, but it is recommended that you do not focus on it too much. This is because you can acquire experience points by simply advancing in the game.

Nevertheless, you will earn Spiritual Beast Experience Points by harvesting resources and defeating boss monsters and event bosses. You can also get experience points if you are in the top 100 players during a world boss event.

When is the Summer Festival Night in-game event?

The Summer Festival Night event took place in August 2022. It is unknown whether the event will be active in the future or not. Therefore, it is advisable that you keep an eye out for upcoming events in the Evony event center.

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