Evony: How to find Ares Statues

During the Server War in Evony: The King’s Return, players can earn points by visiting Ares Statues, which can be found by scanning the world map.


Evony: The King’s Return is an imaginative, role-playing mobile game that invites players to assume the role of a lord or a lady to create an empire, set in medieval times.

As it is based on the popular video game, Evony, you will experience similar gameplay and elements, as well as mechanics and content. The game has a variety of activities, events, and features for players to enjoy.

To progress in the main storyline, you have to solve different puzzles, which are, essentially, the stages, or levels of the game. You will have to solve and complete a puzzle before you can move on to the next one.

What is the Server War?

One of the in-game events you can participate in is the Server War. It is worth noting that this event only runs for 2 days, during which 2 servers will be matched against each other. Players will be informed about this event by mail 3 days before it begins.

evony server war
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To participate in the event, the servers must be at least 3 months old, and it must have had the first king. Moreover, the keep must be on level 4 in order to teleport to the enemy server.

The objective of this event is to earn more points than the enemy server. The server with the most points will win the war and receive great rewards.

Evony: How to find Ares Statues

There are several ways to earn points during the Server War, and one of them is by visiting the Ares Statues. Players will also receive a small reward when they visit the Ares Statues on the World Map.

Furthermore, bear in mind that visiting the statues on an enemy server will earn you more points than visiting them on your own server.

evony ares statue
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The following table outlines the points and rewards you will receive by visiting an Ares Statue:

Location Stamina Points Reward
Own server 20 100 000 Source of Life
Enemy server 20 160 000 Source of Life

To find Ares Statues, you have to scan the world map until you find one. Ares Statues will spawn every 4 hours on both the enemy’s server and on yours. Every statue can be visited 10 times by different players. Once they have received this many visits, they will disappear from the map.

Alternative methods of earning points

It can be quite difficult to find Ares Statues during the Server War event. Fortunately, there are other ways you can earn points. The most effective way to earn points is by killing enemy troops. The higher the tier of the enemy troops you kill, the more points you will earn.

Additionally, you can defeat monsters on both your servers and the enemy’s server to earn points. Players can also collect Fire Spirits to earn points.

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When does Server versus Server occur?

The Server War forms part of the bigger Server versus Server event, which occurs every second week. Players can enjoy the bigger event for an entire week as it consists of 2 different events, including the Server War.

The other event you can join is the Server Monarch Competition, which runs for a total of 6 days. It is very similar to the regular Monarch Competition, however, 2 servers are matched up against each other and there are 6 stages, instead of the regular 5.

Should you participate in the Server versus Server event?

It is recommended that players join the Server versus Server event if they meet the requirements to join, because they can receive great rewards during this event, even if they do not win the battle against the other server.

Final thoughts

Evony: The King’s Return is an exciting and imaginative role-playing mobile game that invites players to assume the role of either a lord or a lady to create an empire in medieval times. 

Since it is based on the popular video game, Evony, you can experience similar gameplay, mechanics and content as you would in the video game.

It consists of a variety of activities, events, and features that players can enjoy. One of the events you can participate in is Server versus Server, which consists of 2 parts: Server War and Server Monarch Competition.

During the Server War, you can visit Ares Statues to earn points for your server. Players can find these statues by scanning the world map.

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