Evony: How to change your Main General

To change your Main General in Evony, you have to enter the ‘March’’ menu, which allows you to select the General and the troops  you want to use.

In Evony: The King’s Return you can brave the unknown by going on a legendary adventure.

Players can assume the role of a lord or lady of a keep in medieval times, which means that you have to build an empire from scratch.

How to change your Main General

As you explore the world map, you will be able to attack other players’ keeps as well as the various monsters that spawn on random tiles.

Before attacking, you can select the General that you want to lead the army and the troop type that you want to send to attack the player or the monster.

You may notice that in the menu, there is a “Main General” section and the General assigned to this position will lead the army to the attack.

To change the General assigned to the Main General position, players simply have to select the currently assigned General’s icon.

Evony: How to change your Main General
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If you click on the currently assigned General’s icon, you will be taken to your General collection. You then have to select the General that you want to assign to the Main General position from the list.

When you find the General you want to lead your army, click on the “Select” option, which is in the bottom right corner of the General’s portrait.

After you have clicked on the ”Select” option, the General will be assigned to the Main General position, and you can select the troops that you want to use in the attack.

Which General should you assign as the Main General?

The General that you have to assign as the Main General is determined by the type of troops you want to use in the attack.

If you want to use mounted troops, select a mounted troop General, but it is worth noting  that some Generals are considered better than others.

The table below lists the best Generals for each troop type:

Troop type Generals
Mounted troops
Ranged troops
Ground troops
  • James Bowie
  • Darius I
  • Ramesses II
  • Carus
  • Aurelian
Siege machines

Resigning a General

In the menu that allows you to select a new Main General, you can resign your current Main General by finding him or her in the list.

Instead of the green “Select” icon, you will find a brown “Resign” button and if you click on this icon, you will remove the General from the Main General position.

If you do this, you will no longer have a General assigned to the Main General position. This means that you need to assign a General as the Main General to send an army to attack a monster or harvest resources.

Assistant Generals

In certain cases, you can assign a General to the Main General as an Assistant General. Players select the Assistant General on the same menu that allows you to change your Main General.

You can assign an Assistant General for the following situations:

  • Joining a monster Rally
  • Reinforcing allies or other buildings
  • Exploring a Relic
  • Gathering resources on the world map
  • Attacking players in PvP
  • Attacking event monsters
  • Attacking common monsters
  • Attacking boss monsters

Keep in mind that the Main General has to be at least level 20 and have 3-stars before an Assistant General can be assigned to them.

There will be no impacts on attributes, special skills, specialties or equipment on the Main General when you assign an Assistant General.

How to assign a Duty General

Some Generals have amazing abilities that can provide several buffs to your buildings. It is essential that you do not use these Generals to lead an army to an attack, but instead, assign them to a specific building as the Duty General.

To assign a General to one of your buildings, you should click on the building and select the “Duty” icon in the pop-up menu.

Keep in mind, however, that the building has to be a specific level before you can assign a General to the Duty position.

If your building is the required level, you will be able to select the General from your collected Generals.

Evony players should note that certain Generals provide benefits to specific buildings. For example, Skanderbeg provides the best benefits to the Hospital.

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