Evony: How to build more than 1 city

The only way to acquire additional SubCities in Evony: The King’s Return is by occupying them on the world map, as they cannot be constructed.

You can assume the role of a lord or lady in this explorative video game, Evony: The King’s Return. Since the game takes place in medieval times, you have to train troops, harvest resources, recruit Generals, and defeat foes.

Players can also occupy Subordinate Cities. As such, many players have wondered if it is possible to build more than 1 SubCity.

What is a SubCity?

Subordinate Cities are additional cities that you can take control of. Once you have taken control of a SubCity, you get additional buffs. Unlike your keep, a SubCity does not need active controlling.

Instead, you simply leave the SubCity to do its own thing, and it will continually upgrade its buildings and troops. SubCities also produce gold and materials. The higher the level of the SubCity, the better its production speed will be.

In your kingdom, you can find your SubCity in the farthest left corner. Keep in mind that this feature will only unlock if you meet specific necessary requirements.

Evony: How to build more than 1 city
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Evony: How to build more than 1 city

When you first start playing Evony, you will receive 1 SubCity that corresponds to your Culture, which means that when you change Culture, your SubCity’s Culture will also change. This city cannot be taken by another player.

If you are interested in procuring another SubCity, you have to occupy it. You can do this by opening your world map and looking for a SubCity to occupy. The SubCities on the world map are either controlled by players or artificial intelligence.

If the SubCity that you want to occupy is already occupied, you have to attack the player or IA and try to win the battle. If you win the battle, you will occupy the SubCity.

Unfortunately, this is the only way that you can acquire an additional SubCity. This ultimately means that it is impossible to build another SubCity in your kingdom.

That being said, you can also get a SubCity by participating in the Historic City Search event. However, this event is held irregularly, so you have to keep an eye on the Event Center to know when it will take place.

Your keep’s level determines how many SubCities you can have.. The higher your keep’s level is, the more SubCities you can occupy. For instance, once your keep has reached level 11, you can have 3 SubCities.

Moreover, you can allegedly have up to 9 SubCities. However, in order to increase the maximum number of SubCities that you can have, you have to increase your Monarch’s rank.

Attacking a SubCity

Players should note that they have to attack a non-player-character SubCity solo and cannot ask others for help with this. This means that you cannot launch a Rally Attack to occupy a SubCity. An NPC SubCity contains a specific number of troops, which determines its power.

The table below lists the rarity of the SubCities that you can find as well as how many troops are situated in the SubCity:

Rarity Number of troops Power
Common (White) 10 000 21 600
Uncommon (Green) 40 000 175 400
Excellent (Blue) 57 556 478 600
Legendary (Purple) 93 910 1.4 million
Epic (Gold) 318 570 9.1 million

Attacking another player’s SubCity

If you want to occupy another player’s SubCity, you have to attack the building to reduce the health points of its walls. Players supposedly have to attack the SubCity a minimum of 10 times before they can occupy it.

As with attacks on NPC SubCities, attacks on another player’s SubCities can only be made solo. However, you can request help from your SubCities to occupy another player’s SubCity.

Keep in mind, though, that if the player’s troops are stronger than yours, you may fail the battle. It is therefore recommended that you look for a SubCity that has a lower level than you.

How to increase your rank

As mentioned above, you can increase how many SubCities you can occupy in Evony by increasing your Monarch’s rank. To do this, you have to accumulate Prestige Points. Rallying Bosses is a passive way of gaining Prestige, as many players complete Rallies to obtain chests.

You can also defeat high-level boss monsters and Nian event monsters to gain Prestige quickly. Once you have accumulated enough Prestige points, your Monarch’s rank will increase and subsequently, you will be able to occupy more SubCities.

The following table outlines how many SubCities you can occupy based on your rank:

Rank Number of SubCities
Knight +1 SubCity
Baron +2 Sub Cities
Viscount +3 Sub Cities
Earl +4 Sub Cities
Duke +5 Sub Cities
Archduke +6 Sub Cities
Regent +7 Sub Cities

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