Evony: How many Fragments to Ascend

The number of Fragments required to ascend a General in Evony is determined by various factors, including the General’s level at the time.

In Evony: The King’s Return, you must build an empire from the ground up while completing quests. As you advance in the game, you will expand your General collection.

The goal is to enhance your Generals through ascension. Several players want to know how many Fragments are required to Ascend a General.

General Ascending

There are various ways to enhance your Generals in Evony, one of which is Ascending. This is the process of upgrading your Generals using Blood of Ares and General Fragments.

When you meet the requirements, you can use these items to ascend your General beyond the 5-star upgrade.

Every General can be ascended a further 5 stars, up to a maximum of 10 stars. However, each of the ascended star levels has 5 stages and every stage grants the General further improvements as they are ascended.

Evony: How many Fragments to Ascend

Since upgrading your Generals through the ascending process is a crucial feature, several players are curious about how many General Fragments are required to complete the upgrade.

As you progress through the ascension levels, the Blood of Ares and General Fragment requirements will increase significantly.

Evony: How many Fragments to Ascend
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The total number of General Fragments required is outlined in the following table:

Level Stage Fragments required
1 1-4 4
1 5 14
2 1-4 8
2 5 28
3 1-4 12
3 5 42
4 1-4 16
4 5 56
5 1-4 20
6 5 70

To fully ascend any General in Evony, you need to acquire approximately 450 General Fragments, thus, it may take some time to collect all the required Fragments.

However, the quickest way to obtain fragments is by Perfectly Dismissing duplicate Generals that you have. This will cost 10 000 to complete, but you will receive 30 of that General’s fragments.

Players should note that it is quite difficult to obtain duplicate Generals, as they will need to rely on luck when purchasing packs, spinning the wheel of fortune or when visiting the tavern.

Fortunately, there are regular events that you can enjoy for a chance at getting a specific General. This will require a lot of effort, especially if you are not willing to spend real money in the game.

That being said, you can obtain General Fragments by exploring Relics and by opening the Great General Chest.

Should you Ascend all your Generals?

Since General Fragments can be difficult to procure, it is not recommended that you Ascend all of your Generals.

If you are willing to spend money in Evony, then it is better to just ascend the best Generals in your collection. Unfortunately, most of the best Generals in Evony can only be acquired with real money.

However, if you are not willing to spend money in Evony, you are better off ascending Generals which are available for free.

If you choose to focus on the Generals that can be recruited for free, you should be able to ascend the Generals to the highest level over time.

Ascending Assistant Generals

Although it is tempting to ascend Assistant Generals, this is not recommended. This is because your march does not receive any of the General’s ascended skill buffs.

Instead, we advise you to use your ascended General as the main General and a non-Ascended General as the Assistant General.

That being said, if you get Fragments from an Assistant General, you can Ascend him or her to use the Fragments.

However, it is not mandatory that you use the Fragments as the General will be assigned to the Assistant General position.

Blood of Ares

In addition to General Fragments, you need to procure Blood of Ares to complete a General’s ascension. The quantities of Blood of Ares you need to farm are as follows:

Level Stage Blood of Ares
1 1-4 80
1 5 300
2 1-4 100
2 5 350
3 1-4 110
3 5 450
4 1-4 130
4 5 550
5 1-4 150
6 5 650

Farming Blood of Ares in Evony may seem like a tedious task, but the best ways to obtain the item is as follows:

  • Server War Rewards
  • Daily Activity Points
  • Killing level 11 and higher Boss Monsters
  • Exploring Relics
  • Gathering resources at level 13 resource spots
  • Participating in in-game events

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