Evony: House of Invalids

One of the Ornaments that you can acquire in Evony’s Voyage to Civilizations event is the House of Invalids, which is based on a real-life historic building

During Evony: The King’s Return’s second collaboration with the Napoleon film, players can enjoy a variety of events. One of the events that you can participate in is Voyage of Civilizations.

This event welcomes players to the Civilization Museum, where you can see famous landmarks from different civilizations discovered during voyages.

While the event is active, players must complete certain objectives to earn Golden Commemorative Coins, which can be used to redeem Ornaments. Monarchs can use the Ornaments to build their Ideal Land.

The Ideal Land building was introduced with the K45 update and it can be unlocked once you reach level 12. Players can place Ornaments in their Ideal Land to get a variety of buffs, which will help your troops tremendously in battle.

One of the Ornaments that you can acquire during the Voyage of Civilizations event is the House of Invalids.

Evony: House of Invalids
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This is a building from the era of Louis XIV, also referred to as the ‘Sun King,’ which was originally established to house wounded and disabled soldiers, however, the church was later converted into the tomb of Napoleon Bonaparte.

The building now serves as the home for several museums. In order to procure the House of Invalids, players must acquire 7 Golden Commemorative Coins.

When you have purchased the Ornament, you will be able to place it in your Ideal Land to activate its buffs.

Keep in mind that you cannot redeem an Ornament if this Ornament in your Ideal Land has reached the maximum level.

Additional items

In addition to the House of Invalids, there are numerous items that you can redeem, however, each item requires a unique number of Coins:

Item Description Required of Golden Commemorative Coins
Notre-Dame de Paris (Limited) By placing this item in your Ideal Land, you will receive various bonuses. 12
Ice Sea Overlord A Viking warrior sails his warship across the stormy ocean, braving the wind and waves. 7
Christmas Tree Cheerful Christmas music spreads in every corner, with twinkling decorations exuding a festive atmosphere. 7
Blood of Ares Players can use this item to ascend a General. 3
Dragon Source Fragment This item can be used to awaken Talents of Dragons and Sacred Dragons. 1
Junior Blazon Chest Players can open this item to receive a random level 1 Blazon. 2

House of Invalids Attributes

Every Ornament in Evony has unique Attributes, which will essentially provide your troops with a variety of buffs.

Once you have the House of Invalids, you can place it in your Ideal land to activate its abilities, which are as follows:

Aspect Description
Prosperity Points Players will receive 800 points for placing the House of Invalids.
March Size Capacity Your troops’ march size capacity is increased by 5000.
Enemy Mounted Troop Defense Their defense is decreased by 10%.
In-Rally Ground Troop Health Points Your troops’ health points are increased by 10%.

As seen in the table, you will receive Prosperity Points if you place the House of Invalids in your Ideal Land. Monarchs can use these points to upgrade their Ideal Land’s level, which essentially unlocks more buffs.

How to place the House of Invalids in your Ideal Land

Players who have acquired the House of Invalids have to place it in their Ideal Land to activate its attributes.

You have to open your Ideal Land, which can be found behind your keep, and then click on the “Inventory” tab to view the Ornaments in their collection.

You may have to scroll through your Ornaments to find the House of Invalids. When you find it, you can select it and place it anywhere in your Ideal Land.

Keep in mind that you can move it into storage or change its location anytime you want.

Voyage of Civilizations

Evony players can either go on a voyage once or 10 times, but keep in mind that every voyage requires a specific currency.

That being said, you can go on a free voyage for once a day. For every voyage that you complete, you will get a variety of rewards.

It is possible that you will receive the House of Invalids if you complete a voyage. In addition to the House of Invalids, the price pool consists of:

  • Pile of Gold Commemorative Coins
  • Blood of Ares
  • Junior Blazon Chest
  • Treasure Box
  • Material Bag (Silk Road)
  • Tactic Scroll
  • Dragon Crystal
  • Dragon Source Fragment
  • Research Stone
  • Runestone Chest
  • 2 000 Spiritual Beast Experience Points
  • Speed Ups
  • Resources

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