Evony: Historic General Covenant

Some players in Evony have noticed a new feature known as Historic General Covenant, however it is unknown what it is for.

In Evony: The King’s Return players can travel through the annals of history, experiencing the grand impact and engaging in epic strategic duels.

As the lord or lady of an empire during medieval times, you have to harvest resources, train troops, vanquish monsters on the map and scout other players’ keeps.

Historic General Covenant

You can view your Generals’ statistics, abilities and gear options when you open a General portrait in your General collection menu. This menu also allows players to enhance and cultivate their Generals to enhance their capabilities.

Several players have noticed that a new tab has appeared on the General portrait menu, which has caused a lot of confusion.

The new tab is labelled “Historic General Covenant” and when you click on it, it reveals that the General has no covenant.

Evony: Historic General Covenant
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Allegedly, this new feature was released with the latest Evony update, however, it has caused some uncertainty among players, as nobody knows what the new feature does and what it can be used for.

Unfortunately, the game’s developers do not release the patch notes regularly, which means that players generally have to figure out the new features on their own.

However, when a new event is introduced in Evony, the developer will release an in-game announcement to explain the rules and objectives of the event.

Since the release of the new Historic General Covenant, the game’s developer has not announced what the new feature is used for.

That being said, several players believe that it has to do with the Historic Generals in Evony.

Historic Generals

Most of the Historic Generals are based on real life people who made a difference in the world’s history. As you progress in Evony, you can recruit Purple Historic, Blue Historic and Gold Historic Generals.

The table below lists some of the Historic Generals in the game:

Purple Historic Blue Historic
  • Joan of Arc
  • Gaius Marius
  • Hernando Cortes
  • Philip Sheridan
  • Miyamoto Musashi
  • Kim Si-Min
  • Lu Ban
  • Hua Mulan
  • Ivan IV
  • Harun al-Rashid
  • Cleopatra
  • Princess Lucy
  • Hattori Ninja
  • Samurai
  • Han Lin
  • Hong Gildong
  • Lee Jae-yeong
  • Hong Fu Nu
  • Robin Hood
  • Ranger
  • Asai Chacha
  • Kim Nam Joo
  • Buffalo Bill

Player theories

Since the developers are yet to announce what the new Historic General Covenant is used for, Evony players have created their own theories on the matter.

One player believes that the new feature will only be available to gamers who are willing to spend real money in the game, while another Monarch theorized that perhaps it is a soul-binding system.

On the official Evony Discord channel, several players have shared screenshots of the game revealing the new Historic General Covenant feature, but others mentioned that the new feature is yet to be introduced on their server.

It is possible that Evony has yet to announce what the new feature is for because they are still implementing the Historic General Covenant in the game.

Which servers have the Historic General Covenant feature?

At the time of writing, only some servers have the Historic General Covenant feature. If you cannot see the new feature in your General’s portrait, it is possible that the new content has yet to be implemented in your server.

However, we recommend that you ensure that you have the latest version of Evony installed to make sure that you have all the new content available to you.

If you have the latest version installed and you do not see the Historic General Covenant feature yet, it may be that the game’s developers are still implementing the new content in the game.

When will Evony release the details about Historic General Covenants?

Unfortunately, we do not know when Evony will release the details about the Historic General Covenants.

Until Evony releases the information, we are unsure about what the new feature is used for and what players have to do to unlock it.

We recommend that you keep a regular eye on your in-game mail to see if Evony has released further information about Historic General Covenants.

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