Evony: Historic City Spectacle

Evony recently announced that players can enjoy Historic City Spectacles, which provides a Sub-City with an array of buffs when activated.

In this adventurous video game, Evony: The King’s Return, you can become the lord or lady of a keep in medieval times.

To progress in the game, you have to construct buildings, recruit Generals, train troops, vanquish monsters on the world map and complete quests.

Historic City Spectacle

The game’s developer regularly updates the game to ensure that you have the most seamless gaming experience.

On Friday, 29 September 2023, Evony announced that players can now enjoy Historic City Spectacles.

Monarchs can improve Historic City Spectacles for Subordinate Cities of Epic quality and higher by consuming Historic City Fragments and Hephaestus Hammers.

Each Spectacle has unique attributes and once it’s improved, these attributes take effect immediately. Keep in mind though that you can only improve a maximum of 5 Spectacles sequentially for every Subordinate City.

If you improve a certain number of Spectacles, you will activate the building cluster attributes. This feature will provide you with greater strength.

To improve the Spectacles, you have collect acquire Historic City Fragments as well as Hephaestus Hammers.

You can acquire Historic City Fragments by converting Historic City Keys, and you have to participate in the King’s Party event to earn Hephaestus Hammers.

Evony: Historic City Spectacle
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The in-game announcement also revealed that the first groups of Historic Cities to open their Historic City Spectacles are:

  • Vienna
  • Rostock
  • Milan
  • Budapest
  • Pantheon
  • Germany Famous City
  • Rome Famous City
  • Hungary Famous City
  • All Epic Subordinate Cities

Historic City Spectacle effects

At the time of writing, only a few Historic City Spectacles have been made available. However, several Evony players believe that the developers will release additional Spectacles in the game in the near future.

The following table lists some of the Historic City Spectacles and their effects:

Historic City Spectacle Effects
Fountain Attacking siege machines and ranged troop attack have increased by 5 percent.
Sculpture Enemy ranged troop and siege machine defense are decreased by 10 percent.
Clock Tower Training Capacity is increased by 5 percent
Manor Siege machine and ranged troop attack, defense and health points are increased by 5 percent
Museum Ranged troop and siege machine attack is increased by 5 percent, however, this effect is doubled when attacking.

King’s Party

One of the Valuable Events that gamers can enjoy is King’s Party. During this event, you can gain the Party Cake’s experiences by purchasing basic Gems. However, when you upgrade the Cake’s level, you will earn awesome gifts.

Unfortunately, this means that you have to purchase Gems with real money to acquire Hephaestus Hammers. Several Evony players believe that the hammers will become a free-to-earn object in the future, but this is yet to be confirmed.

The King’s Party event is not always active, which essentially means that you are only able to acquire Hephaestus Hammers during specific times.

We therefore recommend that you keep an eye on the Valuable Event menu to see when King’s Party is active.

Historic City event

There are various events that you can enjoy in Evony, one of which is the Historic City event. During the event, you can earn Valorous Medals, which determine your rank.

You will then earn Historic City Key Fragments, which can be used to redeem a range of unique rewards, including Historic City Keys.

You can then convert the Historic City Keys into Historic City Fragments to improve your Historic City Spectacles.

This event gave Evony players the opportunity to acquire materials for the Historic City Spectacles for free, however, the Hephaestus Hammers can only be acquired by spending real money in the game.

Sub Cities

In order to activate a Historic City Spectacle, you need to have ownership of an Epic or higher quality Subordinate city. To acquire a Sub-City, you have to find one on the world map and attack it to take control of the city.

Players can either capture an Epic or higher Sub-City and increase its quality, or they can capture a Sub-City which has already reached Epic quality.

If you capture a Sub-City that has to be improved in quality, you have to remember that the building has to be a specific level before you can increase its quality.

Furthermore, you need a lot of Gems to upgrade it to Epic, which is why several players choose to capture a Sub-City which has already reached the required quality to activate Historic City Spectacles.

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