Evony: Hephaestus Hammer

Evony players can use Hephaestus Hammers to unlock Historic City Spectacles in their Subordinate Cities, however, it has to be of Epic quality or higher.

You can assume the role of a lord or lady in this exciting video game, Evony: The King’s Return.

As you progress in the game, you will receive a variety of items with  unique objectives in the game. Some items, however, can only be obtained by participating in certain events.

One of the events you can participate in is King’s Party and during this event, you can gain the Party Cake’s experiences by purchasing basic Gems.

If you purchase Gems, you will upgrade the Party Cake’s level and therefore, you will receive awesome gifts.

Hephaestus Hammers

If you participate in this event, you will receive various items, including Hephaestus Hammers. The hammer that Hephaestus uses to create famous cities of civilization is the necessary material to improve Historic City Spectacles.

Historic City Spectacles were introduced to Evony on Friday, 29 September 2023. Players can improve the new feature for Sub Cities of Epic quality and above by consuming Historic City Fragments and Hephaestus Hammers.

Evony players can obtain Historic City Fragments by converting Historic City Keys, while Hephaestus Hammers can be collected by participating in the King’s Party event.

Unfortunately, this means that only players who are willing to spend real money in Evony can improve their Sub-City’s Historic City Spectacles.

It is believed that the Hephaestus Hammers will be available for free in the future, but at the moment of writing, you need to use real money to get it. Unfortunately, it is unknown when Hephaestus Hammers can be acquired for free.

Evony: Hephaestus Hammer
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King’s Party

To acquire Hephaestus Hammers, you have to participate in the King’s Party event. Every time the cake reaches a new level, you will receive a certain number of Hephaestus Hammers.

The following table lists the amount of hammers you can earn by participating in the King’s Party event:

Cake level Quantity of Hephaestus Hammers
2 5
3 15
4 None
5 30
6 None
7 50
8 None
9 100
10 None

In addition to Hephaestus Hammers, you will earn the following rewards:

  • Material Bag
  • Super Resource Chest
  • Blood of Ares
  • 60 Minute Speed Up
  • Refining Stones
  • Junior Blazon Chests
  • Binding Essence
  • Meteoric Stone
  • Celestial Temple

Historic City Spectacles

If your sub-city is of Epic quality or higher, you can use your Hephaestus Hammers and Historic City Fragments to unlock Historic City Spectacles.

There are several buffs that you can unlock, and each of them requires a different number of Fragments and Hammers:

Name Buff Hephaestus Hammers required
Farm Research Speed is increased by 5% 25 Hammers
Tavern Defending Siege Machine Attack is increased by 5% 40 Hammers
Villa Gold Levy is increased by 5% 60 Hammers
Statue of Liberty Construction Speed is increased by 10% 75 Hammers
Mount Rushmore Siege Machine Attack, Defense and Health Points are increased by 5% 300 Hammers

How to get a Sub-City

All Evony players will start with 1 sub-city with a culture that is the same as your current culture. When you change cultures, this sub-city’s culture does too. Unlike other sub-cities, this sub-city cannot be taken by another player.

To gain additional sub-cities, attack the building on the world map. Keep in mind that you have to win the battle to claim the sub-city.

Players can only use their Hephaestus Hammers to increase Historic City Spectacles of Epic or higher sub-cities.

This essentially means that you either have to upgrade your sub-cities to Epic quality or capture a sub-city of Epic quality. Players should remember that your starting sub-city cannot be upgraded though.

Upgrading a Sub-City

After capturing a sub-city on the world map, you need to increase its quality to unlock the Historic City Spectacles feature. All sub-cities begin at the White rarity level and to upgrade them, you need to use your Gems.

Every time you upgrade a sub-city, the building gains the buff of its new rarity level. This means that every time you increase a sub-city’s quality, you will unlock a new bonus.

Keep in mind that your sub-city has to be a certain level before you can increase its quality.

The following table provides more details about upgrading a sub-city in Evony:

Category Required level Number of Gems required
Common to Uncommon Level 10 5 000 Gems
Uncommon to Excellent Level 15 50 000 Gems
Excellent to Legendary Level 20 500 000 Gems
Legendary to Epic Level 35 2 500 000 Gems

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