Evony: Hecate’s Moon

One of the events that you can enjoy in Evony is Hecate’s Moon and it invites players to defeat Hecate’s incarnations to earn rewards

Evony: The King’s Return regularly hosts in-game events to give players the opportunity to complete unique objectives to earn rich rewards. One of these events is Hecate’s Moon, which will conclude on Wednesday, 31 January 2024.

While the event is active, you can use the Underworld Key to summon Hecate, who can transform into numerous boss monsters. If you defeat these boss monsters, you will perceive event points as well as the Radiant Night Torch event token.

Evony: Hecate’s Moon
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After vanquishing an incarnation of Hecate, another will spawn at a random location on the map. However, there is also a chance that Hecate’s true form will appear. Players can then visit Hecate and choose the difficulty level for the Trial Temple.

You can also choose the type of troops and the strength of the buff. Hecate’s true form will only appear up to 3 times, but the more incarnations you defeat, the higher the probability of encountering Hecate’s true form.

Players should note that the boss monsters that Hecate transforms into will disappear once the countdown ends. Furthermore, the Double Items Drop Rate will not affect the number of Radiant Night Torches that you get after defeating the boss.

Everything ranging from the summoning of Hecate to the defeat of all her incarnations is considered one challenge round.

However if any boss monster disappears midway, that round will automatically conclude. The Trial Temple, on the other hand, will refresh during the final trial of challenges in a single round.

The higher the difficulty is that you choose, the better the rewards that you will receive for successfully completing the trial.

Event Shop

Once you have acquired enough Radiant Night Torches, you can exchange them for a variety of rewards in the Hecate’s Moon event shop.

It is important to note that different items require varying quantities of Torches:

Item Number of Radiant Night Torches required
Historic General (Maria Theresa) 1800
Historic General Fragment (Maria Theresa) 80
Forge Master Certificate 100
Treasure Box 45
Art Treasure Scroll Chest 50
Advanced Troop March Speedup 50
10 000 Spiritual Beast Experience Points 80
Material Bag (Silk Road 40
3 Hour Speed Up 80
1 Million Gold 40
Runestone Chest 40

Underworld Keys

Evony players have to use Underworld Keys to summon an incarnation of Hecate. You can earn Underworld Keys by reaching 80 and 110 Activity Score in the Tavern.

This essentially means that you have to complete the general Evony activities to earn activity points.

You can gather resources, perform construction, research features, heal your troops and train troops to earn activity points. If you want to procure additional Underworld Keys, you can purchase a pack which costs approximately $9.99.

Keep in mind that you will only receive 1 additional key though, therefore, you may have to purchase several packs to receive multiple Underworld Keys.

How to summon Hecate

Once you have acquired an Underworld Key, you can summon Hecate by opening the event menu. You then have to click on the button with the magnifying glass, which will consume one of your Underworld eyes.

Monarchs will then be redirected to the world map to a figure known as “My Black Moon Hecate”.

We recommend that you bookmark this figure to make it easier to find it in future. After summoning Hecate, you have approximately 5 minutes to visit the figure.

You have to send your troops and a General to the figure for a visit. This visit is very similar to visiting Celebration Squads.

Trial Temples

As mentioned above, you will have to defeat the Trial Temples in order to complete a challenge round. You can select the difficulty level for the Trial Temple by visiting Hecate’s true form.

It is worth noting that the difficulty alters the types of troops and the buff strength present in the Trial Temple.

The following table serves as an example that you can use before attempting to destroy a Trial Temple:

Trial Temple Description
Mounted Trial Temple
  • Level 32
  • 840 million power
  • 1690% buff for all troops’ attack, defense and health points
  • Consists of T15 troops, but is T11, T12 and T13 cav heavy.
Siege Trial Temple
  • Level 32
  • 840 million power
  • 1744% buff for all troops’ attack, defense and health points
  • It has T15 troops, but it is T11, T12 and T13 Siege Heavy

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