Evony: Generals to Sell

Although it can be difficult to sell your Generals in Evony, especially if you have upgraded them, we recommend that you do it on a regular basis.

As the lord or lady of a keep in Evony: The King’s Return you have to build a kingdom from the ground up.

Monarchs have to recruit Generals, vanquish monsters on the world map, harvest resources, participate in limited-time events and explore relics to discover treasures.

Generals to Sell

There are numerous ways to acquire Generals in Evony and as you advance in the game, your General collection will expand significantly.

That being said, there are some Generals that you may never use to defeat enemies, harvest resources or scout another player’s keep.

This essentially means that those Generals will be useless in your collection, but fortunately, you can sell your Generals to earn exciting items.

Selling or Dismissing a General is quite a simple process, but once it is completed, it cannot be undone.

Evony: Generals to Sell
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It can be quite difficult to decide which Generals you want to dismiss, however, we recommend that players dismiss any duplicate Generals that they have.

This is because the quickest way to gain fragments to ascend another item is by Perfectly Dismissing any duplicate Generals you have.

This process will cost approximately 10 000 Gems, but it will reward you with 30 fragments of that General.

Furthermore, we recommend that you attempt to keep the best Generals for every troop type and dismiss every other General that you have to earn fragments and resources.


For every General that you dismiss, you will get various resources and gold, but the more you upgrade the General that you dismiss, the more resources you will receive.

This is an example of the resources you will procure:

General Level Items received when Dismissed
Belisarius 16
  • 11 Runestone Chests
  • 13 000 000 Gold
Spartacus 3
  • 10 Runestone Chests
  • 5 000 000 Gold
Susan 1
  • 50 000 Gold

As seen in the table, a higher-level General will reward you with more resources and gold than a level 1 General.

Some players therefore decide to upgrade the General they want to dismiss before dismissing them to receive more resources and gold.

However, other players believe that it is a waste of resources and do not upgrade the General that they want to dismiss.

How to sell a General

When you have decided which Generals you want to sell, you need to open your General collection. When you click on a General’s portrait, you will notice a red, helmet-like icon in the upper right corner of the menu.

If you select the helmet-like icon, you will get the opportunity to see which resources and how much gold you will earn if you dismiss that specific General.

If you decide not to dismiss the General, you should select the “Cancel” option, however, if you want to complete the process,  select the “Dismiss” option.

Monarchs should note that once a General is dismissed, it cannot be undone, but you could still collect the General in the future.

Which Generals should you keep?

We recommend that you keep the best Generals for each troop type and dismiss the others.

Although there are several Generals that you can use, most players only keep 1 or 2 and upgrade them instead of upgrading all the best Generals of every troop type.

The following table lists some of the best Generals for each troop type:

Siege troops Ground troops Ranged troops Mounted troops

Deciding which Generals you should dismiss

Unfortunately, it is impossible to say which Generals you should dismiss, as this is a personal preference. However, there is a process that you can use to make deciding which Generals you want to dismiss easier.

You can look at your purple Generals to discover strong qualities, for instance, we recommend that you keep Constance and Attila as they can help you when you send a troop to a resource tile.

You can also look at your gold General’s qualities and figure out which General will provide your troop with the best buffs.

We also advise you to follow the same strategy when it comes to Duty Generals as some of them can provide your buildings with stronger buffs. When you keep your strongest Generals, you may procure an even better General.

Although it is difficult for some Evony players to dismiss the General who is no longer the strongest in their collection as they have spent many resources on them, we do recommend that you dismiss them.

If you dismiss this General, you will receive resources which can be used to upgrade the new General that you collected.

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