Evony: General Trajan

In Evony, players can acquire an array of Generals, one of which is Trajan, who is considered one of the best player-versus-player ground Generals.

Evony: The King’s Return is a tactical, exciting mobile game that invites gamers to assume the role of a lord or lady.

Since the game is based on the renowned video game, Evony, you will likely encounter similar mechanics and features in both versions. The objective of the game is to build an empire from the ground up in medieval times.

There are many various activities and occasional events you can enjoy in this mobile game, but you first have to acquire some Generals. You should note that some activities may initially be locked, however, you can access them once you have met the requirements to do so.

Are Generals important?

Although to some, Generals may seem like an insignificant aspect, they are an essential part of the game. This is because players need Generals in everything they do, including fighting, crafting, building, researching, and gathering.

Apparently, the better the quality of the General, the more effective they are, which can influence your gameplay significantly.

Some Generals have the ability to perform better in specific activities or tasks than others. For instance, Simeon the Great is one of the best Generals to use in a player-versus-player ranged attack, but it is recommended that you do not use him for attacks with ground troops.

Players should carefully consider their Generals’ statistics and abilities before allocating them to a specific building or troop.

Evony: General Trajan

One of the Epic, Historic Generals in Evony: The King’s Return is Trajan, who is a great Roman emperor that led the empire to attain its maximum territorial extent. Like other Generals, Trajan possesses an array of statistics, which increase as he reaches higher levels.

Evony: General Trajan
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Trajan’s statistics at different levels are as follows:

Statistic Level 1 with no stars Level 35 with 5 stars Fully cultivated level 35 with 5-stars Fully cultivated level 40 with 5-stars
Leadership 118 898 1398 1513
Attack 109 773 1273 1370
Defence 120 885 1385 1498
Politics 113 818 1318 1422

It is crucial to remember that these statistics can impact your gameplay greatly, as each serves a specific objective. The table below outlines each attribute’s influence:

Attribute Influence
Leadership It increases the troop training speed when a General is appointed Mayor of a Subordinate City. It also boosts the troop’s health points and march speed when the General is leading the army
Attack It increases troop Attack when the General is leading the army
Defence It increases the troop’s defences when the General leads the army
Politics It boosts the Gold Production and Construction Speed when the General is allocated as the Major in a Sub City. It also increases the resource gathering speed when the General leads the army

Trajan’s skills

Though Trajan only has 1 unique special skill, he has several specialities. His special skill, Praetorian Guard, increases your ground troops’ attack and defence by 15 percent. It also increases ground troops’ health points by 20 percent when Trajan is leading the army.

His specialities are:

Speciality Description
Ground Troop Assault It increases ground troops’ attack and health points by 10 percent
Formation Ground troop and Mounted troop’s attacks increased by 10 percent
Ground Troop Ares This speciality increases ground troops’ attack, defence and health points by 10 percent
Dacian Wars It increases ground troops’ attack and health points by 16 percent, and march size capacity by 10 percent


Evony: General Trajan
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Trajan’s build

Trajan should be used in a very ground-heavy combat strategy. His build sacrifices everything in favour of ground attack, health, and speed. However, this build works well for both a ground attack march and a Wall Defence General in a player-versus-player gaming mode.

With this build, your ground troops will get to the enemy quicker and they will benefit from additional health points. It is advisable that you use the following skill books:

  • Level 4 Ground Troop Attack: Ground Attack increased by 25 percent
  • Level 4 Ground Troop Health Points: Ground Health points increased by 25 percent
  • Level 4 Ground Troop Speed: Ground speed increased by 20 percent

The following equipment refines should be applied:

Item Equipment refine
Sword Ground Troop Attack percentage x 4
Armour Ground Troop Defence percentage x 4
Boots Ground Troop Defence percentage x 4
Helmet Ground Troop Health Points percentage x 4
Leg Armour Ground Troop Health Points percentage x 4
Ring Ground Troop Attack percentage x 4


How to acquire Trajan

Evony players can purchase Trajan in the Tavern, which can be found in their keep, for approximately 35 000 000 gold, though you first have to upgrade your Tavern before you can purchase him. You can only purchase Common and Uncommon Generals if your Tavern is on level 10 or below.

The Tavern refreshes its Generals every 4 hours, so it is advised that you check the purchasable Generals regularly.

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