Evony: General Sultana

Evony players participating in Kong’s Trials should remember that Shajar Al-Durr became the Sultana General.

Evony: The King’s Return is a thrilling mobile game in which players can assume the role of a lord or lady in medieval times. In addition to expanding your empire, you can participate in a variety of in-game events.

One of these events, Kong’s Trials, requires that players answer a set of questions, one of which focuses on General Sultana.

Evony: General Sultana

One of the events that players can enjoy in Evony is Kong’s Trials, but keep in mind that the event will conclude on Tuesday, 20 June 2023. This event consists of 2 trials which will present players with a set number of questions.

Evony: General Sultana
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The questions are not only based on Evony, as you could receive questions that read, “What color is the skin of a polar bear?” or “What is the national flower of Japan?” If you answer the questions correctly, you will receive rich rewards.

One of the possible questions revolves around the Sultana. The question states, “Who became the Sultana General. You can select your answer by clicking on one of the options. The correct answer to this question is Shajar Al-Durr.

Players should remember that the questions are randomly generated for each player, so you may not receive the question about Sultana.

When is the next Kong’s Trials

Unfortunately, Kong’s Trials will soon come to an end, so you will no longer be able to answer the questions to earn rewards. At the time of writing this, it is unknown whether the event will return in the future.

However, a similar quiz-like event may take place in Evony, as the event was a great success. Players should log into the game regularly to ensure that they do not miss out on events.


For every question you answer correctly, you will receive a reward. However, the real reward of the event is the opportunity to share 60 000 000 Gems, which is Evony’s premium currency.

That being said, you have to complete the Junior Trial and  the Senior Trial to share the Gems.

This means that you have to answer 15 questions correctly in the Senior Trial. If you answer 1 question incorrectly, you will be eliminated from the trial.

Can you still start the event?

Unfortunately, Evony players cannot start Kong’s Trials now, as it is coming to an end. The event had a set schedule when the Junior Trials and Senior Trials were occurring.

At the time of writing this, only a Senior Trial will occur, meaning that only players who have completed the Junior Trial will be able to participate in the Senior Trial.

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