Evony: General Sappho

Some Evony players were able to acquire General Sappho due to a server glitch, however she is currently unavailable.

Players can assume the role of a lord or lady in this exhilarating video game, Evony: The King’s Return.

It is up to you to build an empire from scratch by completing quests, harvesting resources, training troops and vanquishing enemies. To help you with these tasks, you can recruit Generals, one of which is General Sappho.

How to acquire Generals

There are numerous methods that you can use to expand your General collection. The most common way to recruit a general is through the Tavern, and you canwin a new General by spinning the Wheel of Fortune at the Tavern.

You can also purchase a General Chest from the Battlefield with the currency earned from BoG and BoC.

If you would rather farm for a General, you can collect General Tokens by exploring Relics on the world map. Furthermore, you can purchase Packs with real money to expand your General Collection.

Evony: General Sappho

There are numerous Generals that players can procure in Evony, each of which specializes in a specific task. One of these Generals is General Sappho, which was recently added to the game.

Evony: General Sappho
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Generally, Evony will host an in-game event to celebrate the arrival of a new General, but with Sappho, the developers made a mistake.

Players were able to acquire Sappho by opening the Growth Fund menu, which is in the bottom left corner of the main screen.

In this menu, you will find various categories at the top of the screen, such as  “First Purchase”. This allows players to purchase a pack to acquire various items, including a General.

Allegedly, some servers were able to purchase the First Purchase package for only $0.99, however, some servers received the package for free. This package contained the Epic General, Sappho.

Unfortunately, this package was only available for a short period of time, which made Evony players suspect that the developers made a mistake with Sappho’s release or some of the game’s servers experienced a glitch.

Unfortunately, Sappho has since been removed from the package and if you purchase the package now, you will receive the Historic General, Theodora.

That being said, some players were lucky enough to procure Sappho while she was part of the First Purchase package.

At the time of writing this, it is unclear when Sappho will officially be released in Evony. Furthermore, it is unknown whether she will be removed from the collections of the players that managed to acquire her while she was part of the First Purchase Package or not.

Sappho’s statistics

Similarly to other Generals in Evony, Sappho features various statistics that can influence your gameplay significantly:

Statistic Base rate Growth Rate
Leadership 115 (+4) 8.69 percent
Defense 108 (+4) 8.23 percent
Attack 106 (+4) 8.28 percent
Politics 127 (+4) 9.31 percent

Every time you increase Sappho’s level, her statistics will increase. The amount by which it increases is equal to the growth rate.

To increase her level, you need to obtain experience points by killing enemy troops, defeating monsters, attacking non-player-character (NPC) sub-cities and collecting General Experience Points Items.

Sappho’s skills

It is impossible to know all Sappho’s skills as she was not officially released. However, some players have shared that one of her skills is The Tenth Muse.

This skill increases the Free Construction Speed Up Time by 25 minutes and Construction Speed by 10 percent when you own the General. This skill’s effects change as her star level increases:

Star level Effect
1 When Sappho is the Main City Defense General, the in-city troops’ attack increases by 10 percent.
2 If she is the Main City Defense General, hospital capacity increases by 20 percent.
3 While Sappho is the Main City Defense General, the in-city mounted troops and ground troops’ defense and health points are increased by 15 percent.
4 The In-city ranged troop and siege machine attack is increased by 10 percent while the ground troop and mounted troop health points are increased by 10 percent if Sappho is the Main City Defense General.
5 When Sappho is the Main City Defense General, the ranged trop and siege machine attack is increased by 15 percent. While ground troops and mounted troops health points are increased by 15 percent.
Evony: General Sappho
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When will Sappho be added to Evony?

At the moment, it is impossible to know when Sappho will officially be added to the game. Some players were fortunate enough to acquire her while she was part of the First Purchase Package, but the majority of players did not collect her.

We recommend that you keep an eye on the official Evony platforms to see when she will be released.

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