Evony: General Ranking List

There are various Generals you can recruit in Evony, however, some Generals are considered better than others in specific activities.

Evony: The King’s Return is an exciting video game that invites players to build an empire from the ground up.

As the lady or lord of a keep you have to train troops, harvest resources, construct buildings, unlock spiritual beasts and annihilate monsters on the world map.

General Ranking List

To help you with these tasks, you can recruit an array of Generals, some of which are based on real-life historical heroes.

Every General in Evony specializes in a specific activity, however, some Generals are considered better than others when it comes to certain features in Evony.

We therefore  cannot rank them in a general manner. Instead, we have to look at the best Generals for every feature and activity in the game.

Before sending your troops out to gather resources on the world map, you can select a General to accompany them.

Evony: General Ranking List
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We recommend that you select a General that grants a resource bonus from gathering or gathering speed buff. Additionally, this General needs a high politics stat, as it increases gathering speed.

The best gathering Generals and their special skills are:

General Special Skill
Shimazu Yoshihiro This General brings back 30 percent additional resources from farms on the world map. Resource-gathering speed is also increased by 10 percent when the General is leading the army.
Gaius Marius He increases ore gathering speed by 30 percent and increases lumber and stone gathering speed by 15 percent.
Princess Lucy Increases resource-gathering speed by 15 percent when she is leading the army.
Attilia This special skill increases troop load by 75 percent when the General is leading the army.

Tier list

There are different troop types in Evony and every troop type has to be assigned to a General. The table below lists the best Generals for every troop type:

Troop Type S-Tier A-Tier B-Tier
Mounted troops
  • Poligenus
  • Martinus
  • Zhao Yun
  • George A Custer
  • Mordred
  • Hannibal
  • Sun Ce
  • Laudon
  • Roland
  • Barbarossa
  • Lysander
  • Prince Eugene
  • Li Jing
  • El Cid
  • Cyrus the Great
  • Robert Guiscard
  • Maximilian I
  • Wei Qing
  • Takeda Shingen
  • Huo Qubing
  • Napoleon
  • Prince Rhaegar
  • Elektra
  • Guan Yu
  • Theodora
  • Khalid
  • Constantine the Great
Ranged troops
  • Gnarr
  • Mason Weaver
  • Thutmose III
  • Li Shimin
  • Mehmed II
  • Gwanggaeto the Great
  • Elizabeth I
  • Harald III
  • Cyrus the Great
  • Wei Qing
  • Edward the Black Prince
  • Gustavus Adolphus
  • Pallas
  • Prince Rhaegar
Ground troops
  • Alexander the Great
  • Basil II
  • Carus
  • Peter the Great
  • Leonidas I
  • Mordred
  • Harald III
  • Robert the Bruce
  • James Bowie
  • Darius I
  • Ramesses II
  • Dmitry
  • Sun Ce
  • Gnarr
  • Zhang Liang
  • Napoleon
  • Lautaro
  • Jing Ziya
Siege troops
  • Ramesses II
  • Septimius Severus
  • Surena
  • Sherman
  • Isabella I

Which Generals should you use for fighting monsters?

In order to progress quickly in Evony, you need to have an excellent Monster Hunting General. These Generals are focused on using mounted troops because of their high attack statistics and the way that boss battle mechanics function.

Before sending your troops out to fight a monster, you need to equip your Monster Hunting General with level 4 Mounted Troop Attack against Monster, Mounted Troop Attack and March Size Skill Books.

However, you can also follow a Monster Looter build, which requires level Mounted Troop Attack, Luck and March Size Skill Books. The best Monster Hunting Generals are:

Best Sub-City Generals

It is imperative that you choose the best Sub-City Generals to assign to your Sub-Cities l for your progress in Evony, and there are 2 types – Development and Attack Generals.

The Sub-City Generals are listed below:

Development Attack
  • Charles the Great
  • Charles Martel
  • Catherine II
  • Lincoln
  • King Sejong
  • Empress Wu
  • Pompey
  • Jefferson
  • Lu Ban
  • Harun al-Rashid
  • Zizka
  • Narses
  • Baldwin IV
  • Mark Antony
  • Harald
  • Nordic Barbarian King
  • Hojo Ujiyasu
  • Arminius
  • Jester
  • Flavius Aetius
  • Margaret I
  • Darius I
  • Himiko

Duty Generals

These Generals’ special skills activate when they are assigned to specific buildings as the Duty Generals. Having the best Evony Duty Generals can make a huge difference to your game.

The following table lists the best Duty Generals for each building:

Building General
Wall Richard the Lionheart
Archer Camp John I of Portugal
Hospital Skanderbeg
Rally Spot Toyotomi Hideyoshi
Workshop Gwon Ryul
Academy Eulji Mundeok
Archer Tower Ban Chao

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