Evony: General Raimondo

General Raimondo is a powerful General in Evony, but you should only use him as the main General for Siege PvP attacks.

Evony: The King’s Return is an adventurous video game which invites players to assume the role of a lord or lady during medieval times.

It is your responsibility to expand your kingdom by completing quests, defeating bosses on the world map, harvesting resources and participating in numerous events.

General Raimondo

To help you with these tasks, you can recruit a variety of Generals. The game’s developer releases new Generals o regular basis to ensure that the game does not become tedious.

The developer recently announced that players can acquire a new General, Raimondo.

Evony: General Raimondo
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Raimondo was an Austrian field marshal in the 17th century. He is known as the savior of Europe for successfully preventing the invasion of the Turkish army.

To acquire this General, players must participate in the Historic General Summoning event.

During this event, you have to use Epic Historic General (Glory) to summon an Epic Historic General. If you do not summon Raimondo after summoning 5 times, he is guaranteed within the next summons.

However, while the event is active, the chances of summoning Raimondo are increased by 600%, which means that there is a big chance that you will acquire him by participating in the event.

That being said, there is a chance that you will summon a random General listed in the Reward List.

In addition to Raimondo, there are approximately 28 other Generals that you can summon by participating in the Historic General Summoning event.

Raimondo’s skills

Raimondo has various skills you can use on the battlefield. The following table lists Raimondo’s abilities:

Skill Description
Siege Machine Formation
  • Siege Machine Attack is increased by 10%
  • Siege Machine Defense is increased by 10%
  • March size capacity is increased by 6%
  • Attacking Siege Machine and Ranged Troop Attack are increased by 10%
Battle of Saint Gotthard
  • Siege Machine Attack is increased by 40%
  • Siege Machine Defense is increased by 25%
Siege Machine Ares
  • Siege Machine Attack is increased by 10%
  • Siege Machine health points is increased by 10%
  • Siege Machine Defense is increased by 10%

Raimondo’s special skill

In addition to the skills mentioned in the table, Raimondo has a special ability, The Military Art. Monarchs should note that this special requires no further development and is always active.

This ability increases Siege Machine attack by 45% and increases ranged troops and siege machines’ defense by 25% when Raimondo is leading the army to an attack or to harvest resources on the world map.

Raimondo’s special skill will not activate when he is not selected as the leading General for an army.

If you want to use his special skill, you should ensure that you select Raimondo while selecting your troops before marching to a boss, another player or a resource tile.

Raimondo’s statistics

Every General in Evony has the same statistical categories, namely Leadership, Defense, Attack and Politics. Although the Generals share the statistical categories, the quantities differs.

This means that some Generals have better statistics than others. However, there are some processes that you can complete to increase Raimondo’s statistics if you wish to do so.

Raimondo’s base statistics and its growth rate are outlined below:

Statistic Base rate Growth rate
Leadership 115 8.79%
Defense 112 9.05%
Attack 121 8.95%
Politics 106 8.71%

To increase Raimondo’s statistics, you have to complete the cultivation and enhancement processes. The cultivation process requires gold and gems to increase his statistics by an additional 500 points.

Enhancement, on the other hand, requires Medals and gold, but Raimondo has to be a certain level before you can perform this process.

Raimondo’s uses

It is crucial that players know what they should use Raimondo for in Evony. When looking at his skills, we can say that he should mainly be used for Siege Machine Attack as well as for Ranged Troop Attack.

We recommend that you use Raimondo for Siege player-versus-player game modes

You can assign Raimondo as the main General while there are numerous options for his Assistant Generals.

You can choose between Kleos, Pallas, Zucca or Edward Teach. You can also assign John Churchill, Petronas, Phillip, Mason Weaver, Ramesses, Ulysses S Grant or Napoleon as the Assistant General.

However, you should not choose Septimius Severus or Surena when using Raimondo as the main General.

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