Evony: General John Churchill

John Churchill is one of the Historic Generals that you can acquire in Evony, and we recommend using him as an Assistant General.

In this thrilling mobile game, Evony: The King’s Return, you can assume the role of a lord or lady in medieval times. You have to build an empire from scratch by constructing buildings, training troops, recruiting Generals, and harvesting resources.

There are different Generals in Evony, one of which is John Churchill.

Are there distinctions between Generals?

Although there are more than 20 Generals that you can acquire, they are divided into several categories based on their rarity. A General’s rarity is indicated by the colour of the border around their portrait. The table below lists the colours of rarities:

Rarity Border colour
Common Green
Uncommon Purple
Rare Blue
Legendary Purple
Epic Gold

It is worth noting that the rarer a General is, the stronger he or she is. Furthermore, Generals can be Historic or Non-Historic.

Historic Generals are based on Generals who achieved great victories in real life, while Non-Historic Generals are fictional characters.

Evony: General John Churchill

One of the Generals that you can procure in Evony is John Churchill, who is an English soldier and statesman.

Evony: General John Churchill
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He consolidated Britain’s emergence as a front-rank power with several victories. It can therefore be said that John Churchill is a Historic General, as he had a significant influence on Britain’s history.

Similarly to other Generals in Evony, John possesses various statistics. His statistics and their growth rate are outlined below:

Statistic Base Growth rate
Politics 104 8.55 percent
Attack 121 9.03 percent
Defense 116 8.77 percent
Leadership 120 9.02 percent

Every time you increase John’s level, his statistics will improve. The amount by which it increases is equal to the stats growth rate, but the growth rate can be further increased by enhancing John.

Enhancing is the process of increasing John’s star level. This process requires a certain number of medals as well as gold.

John’s star level can only be increased to a maximum of 5 Stars. Furthermore, he has to be a on certain level before you can increase his star level.

The requirements for increasing John’s star level are as follows:

John’s level Star level Medals required Gold required
5 1 40 1 million
10 2 120 2 million
14 3 300 4 million
18 4 800 8 million
22 5 2000 15 million

As shown in the table, you need a lot of medals to increase John’s star level. There are numerous methods that you can use to get medals, such as participating in the Viking event.

You have to defeat 50 Vikings to get a total of 182 medals. Alternatively, you can hunt low-level monsters and bosses, though  they only drop a few medals at a time.

What should you use John Churchill for?

Although you can use General Churchill for any activity in the game, he specialises in specific activities, so you should use him for these activities. We recommend that you do not use John as a main General, but you can use him as an Assistant General instead.

Assistant Generals, as the term implies, assist the General they are assigned to. It is advisable that you assign John to Septimius Severus, Surena, Ramesses, Mason Weaver, Ulysses S. Grant, or Matthias I.

All these Generals focus on siege player-versus-player, thus, John should only be used for siege PvP.

Which skill books should you use for John?

If you decide to use John as an Assistant General for siege PvP, you should use the following skill books:

However, you cannot use the siege attack skill book when you assign John to Septimius Severus or Surena as this will disable all his skill books. It is also worth keeping in mind that skill books are difficult to acquire, especially at level 4.

As such, you should add the skill books in their level 1 form. After this is done, you can add a level 4 skill book of the same type as it is guaranteed to overwrite the level 1 version of itself. Using this method ensures that you do not waste your skill books.

John’s skills

Similarly to other Generals in Evony, General Churchill features a few skills which he uses on the battlefield. The table below describes his skills:

Skill Description
Siege Machine Assault Siege machine attack and health points are increased by 10 percent.
Siege March size capacity is increased by 6 percent and attacking siege machine and ranged troop attack are increased by 10 percent.
Siege Machine Ares Siege Machine attack, health points, and defence are increased by 10 percent, respectively.
Battle of Blenheim Marching siege machine attack is increased by 30 percent while marching siege machine attack is increased by 15 percent. Furthermore, rally capacity is increased by 8 percent.

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