Evony: General holding Scepter

During Evony’s Kong’s Trials, you have to select Gaius Octavius to answer the question, “Who is holding a Scepter in his avatar?”

In this adventurous video game, Evony: The King’s Return, you can build an empire from scratch. Players must defeat enemies, harvest resources, train troops and explore relics.

However you can also enjoy in-game events, such as Kong’s Trials. During this event, you have to answer a set of questions, and one of them is about a General holding a Scepter.

Evony: General holding Scepter

Kong’s Trials consists of the Junior and Senior Trials, which both consist of a specific number of questions. Keep in mind that you have to answer 6 questions correctly in the Junior Trial to qualify for the Senior Trial.

The questions are randomly generated, which means that each player will receive a unique set of questions. One of the questions you could receive reads, “Which General is holding a Scepter in his avatar?”

To answer the question, you have to select one of the options. If you do not have a time limit, you can go to each option’s avatar in the Tavern to see which one of them is holding a Scepter.

However, the Senior Trials have a time limit, which means that you could run out of time if you search for the General in the Senior Trials.

The correct answer to this question is Gaius Octavius. He is holding a scepter in his avatar in the Tavern.

Evony: General holding Scepter
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When is Kong’s Trials concluding?

Players have until Tuesday, 20 June 2023, to enjoy Kong’s Trials. When the event concludes, all activities and questions related to the event will be removed from Evony.

This means that you will no longer be able to claim rewards by answering questions.

It is noteworthy that Only players who qualified for the Senior Trial will be able to enjoy the last few hours of the event. This is because only a Senior Trial is scheduled to conclude the event.

Can you ask for help?

If you are struggling to answer a question, you can ask for help from your Alliance members.

While you are in a Trial, regardless of the type, you will notice an “Ask for Help’” option. If you select this option, the question will be posted in your Alliance chat.

Your Alliance members can then help you figure out the answer. However, if you are in a Senior Trial, you cannot wait for an answer indefinitely, as you only have a certain amount of time to answer the question.

Will Kong’s Trials return to Evony?

Evony has collaborated with King Kong to host a series of in-game events, which means that there may be additional Kong-related events in the future.

However the objectives of the future Kong events may differ from the current Kong events. Players should log into Evony regularly to discover which in-game events are active.

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