Evony: General Eleanor

Players can acquire General Eleanor by participating in Evony’s event, Victory Praise, though you need to procure Gold Laurel Leaves for this.

Evony: The King’s Return is a thrilling mobile game that invites gamers to assume the role of a lord or lady in medieval times.

You have to expand your empire by training troops, constructing buildings, recruiting Generals, harvesting resources and defeating enemies. There are numerous Generals that you can get, one of which is Eleanor.

What is the purpose of Generals?

Generals are a key component in Evony, as you use them in everything you do. Players need Generals to do research, construct buildings, craft gear and fight foes.

There are also different rarities of Generals. The better and rarer a General is, the more effective he or she is in each of these duties.

Every General in the game has a specific role to fulfill. For instance, a Duty General can be assigned to a building to increase the building’s statistics, while a ranged player-versus-player General should only be used when attacking other players from a distance.

It is crucial that you know each of your Generals’ roles to ensure maximum efficiency.

Evony: General Eleanor

There are more than 50 Generals in Evony, with additional Generals released frequently. One of the Generals that you can acquire is Eleanor – the eldest daughter of the Rain family in the southern empire. She made great contributions in the Battle of Siren Island.

Evony: General Eleanor
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Eleanor was introduced to Evony with the Triumphal Celebration event. Gamers cannot recruit Eleanor from the tavern, they have to participate in the event to add her to their arsenal.

This event has several sub-events you can enjoy. In order to get Eleanor, you have to participate in Victory Praise.

During this event, you must consume Golden Laurel Leaves to win rewards. Players have a chance of obtaining a Sea and Night General Chest.

If you do not receive a Sea and Night General Chest after opening one 149 times, it is guaranteed that you will receive one the 150th time.

If you open the Sea and Night General Chest, there is a chance that you could obtain either Eleanor or Elise. This means that you may have to open the chest several times before you get Eleanor, however, you can also obtain her from the first Sea and Night General Chest you open.

Players can acquire a Golden Laurel Leaf by defeating monsters. However, you can also obtain the Leaf by harvesting resources or purchasing an Event Package.

It is essential to note that the Golden Laurel Leaves will disappear from Evony when the event concludes, so you should use them in time.

Reward chances

The rewards you can earn from the Victory Praise event have certain drop rates, which are indicated below:

Reward Drop rate
Sea and Night General Chest 0.5 percent
5 Blood of Ares 5 percent
50 Tactic Scrolls 3.3 percent
100 Source of Life 1.6 percent
100 Refining Stones 10 percent
50 1-hour Speedups 26 percent
100 Research Stones 1.5 percent
25 Stone Boxes 4.2 percent
40 General Experience 4.1 percent

The chances that you will acquire a Sea and Night General Chest are extremely slim, thus, players may not attempt to obtain a chest. We recommend that you try and collect a chest for a chance at procuring Eleanor.

Eleanor’s statistics

Similarly to other Generals in Evony, Eleanor has 4 statistics that influence her efficiency. The table below lists her base statistics and the growth rate:

Statistic Base Growth Rate
Leadership 116 8.72 percent
Defense 123 9.01 percent
Attack 115 8.95 percent
Politics 108 8.67 percent

Every time you increase Eleanor’s level, her statistics will be improved. The amount by which they increase is the growth rate.

However, Evony players can increase her growth rate through Enhancement. This process increases a General’s star level, which requires gold and medals.

Eleanor’s abilities

Eleanor’s specialty, Great Captainess, increases ranged troops’ attack and defense by 35 percent. Furthermore, this skill increases march size by 10 percent when she is leading the army to an attack.

In addition to her specialty, she also has the following abilities:

Ability Description
Ranged troop formation Increases both ranged troop attack and defense by 10 percent
Bash Ranged troop attack and siege machine attack are increased by 10 percent
Ranged troop Ares Ranged troop health points, attack and defense are increased by 10 percent each
Battle of Siren Attacking siege machines and ranged troop attack are increased by 40 percent

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